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April 15, 2017
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50 Small Ways to Give That Will Make You Happy

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Research has been clear giving makes you happy. You don’t have to be Bill Gates and give away a fortune you just have to give in small ways that will ignite the part of your brain that makes you feel good. If there was a happiness pill it would be filled with all these giving ideas to keep you happy every day.

What are you favourite small ways to give that make you feel happy?

1. Pick up garbage in your neighbourhood for the planet and your community.

2. Skip buying the plastic water bottle fill a reusable bottle. Every minute 1500 plastic bottles pollute our planet.

3. Buy the next person in line a coffee at your favourite coffee house.

4. Write a note of gratitude to a person you that has impacted your life.

5. Sign a petition on a subject you feel passionate about and use your voice to create change.

6. Cut you neighbours lawn as a special surprise.

7. De-clutter your house and donate the items for good.

8. Buy a homeless person lunch.

9. Make cookies and bring them to your local Fire Station and say thank you for all they do every day.

10. Happiness Notes: Write 10 kind things on separate post it notes. Post them in locations where others will get a pleasant surprise.  (school, office, community centre)

11. Go to your local animal shelter and spend time with the animals that need a home.

12. Offer to walk your neighbours dog.

13. Help an elder person with their groceries to their car or into their home.

14. Plant an edible garden in the spring.

15. Create an environmental art project with your kids from items you found outside rather than buying items in a store.

16. Bring your bags to the grocery store – every time.

17. Play the Free Rice Game.

18. Be Straw Free. Try not to use straws or take them home and reuse them to avoid the environmental waist.

19. Put the car away and walk, ride or take public transit.

20. Commit to smiling at every stranger you pass today.

21. Volunteer. Find a local charity you believe in and help in any way you can. Even a few hours makes a big difference for a not for profit organization.

22. Collect your old books you no longer read and donate them to your local library or Drop Box.  

23. Click to Give. No time to give here are 3 sites that in just a click you have completed a give.

24. Have a Meatless Monday and go vegan for a day.

25. Turn off the lights, unplug your electronics, and keep you shower to 2 minutes. Easy way to help the planet every day.

26. Take your recycling to a depot and donate the money to your favourite charity.

27. Spread the Word. Share #socialgood stories via your favourite social media outlets to inspire others to #giveback

28. Teach your children how they can give back to the world.

29. Make a bird feeder for the winter months and a bird bath for the hot summer days.

30. Make a loan to Kiva and watch your money change the world. You get to reinvest your money again and again to help others.

31. Make dog biscuits for your local animal shelter.

32. Plant a tree.

33. Donate 50 cents and a book goes to a child in Africa. Books For Africa



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