Day 247: What Would You Do if Your Kid Was an Every Day Hero? Part 1 of 4
June 3, 2011
Day 249: Help Harry Help Others: One Boy Changing the World of Brain Tumours
June 5, 2011
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This is part 2 of a 4 part series featuring remarkable kids that give. Kids are Heroes is a unique organization that embraces and encourages kids to be philanthropic at any age.

Do you teach your child to give? Do you teach your child that they can change the world? Watch this next video and you will see what kids can accomplish.

Day 248: Give 248

This post is about a young girl named Jill from Sidney, Australia. She is 6 years old. That wasn’t a type “O”. She is 6 years old. Jill has created a site called Jilly Bears Jewels. Here is her mission.

Jill is hoping to sell the jewellery that she has spent much time creating and send all of the money she has made to a charity “that helps children who do not have any money to eat”.

Jill makes jewellery to give back to kids that need foodJill is doing this by donating all the money she raises from the sales of her jewellery to the Australian Lutheran World. Just buy watching Jill’s video you are giving Jill the opportunity to show the world that anyone can do anything to create the change that is needed across our planet. Jill feels that even with $1.00 she can create a difference and help other children in the world have food and water that they deserve.

What is your child doing to change the world and are you supporting them in their endeavours? Leave 365give a comment or submit your child’s video to the Kids Are Heroes You Tube Video Challenge.



Time Commitment: 3 minutes

Cost: $25.00 Kids Are Heroes

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