Day 252: Can You Give $1.00? Can $1.00 Change the World?
June 8, 2011
254: An Inspiring Story of Humanity: Delete or Share?
June 10, 2011
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Day 253: Look in Your Pocket Right Now! Do You Have $1.00 You Could Give?

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Give just $1.00 and help save the elephants from extinction

Image from Save the Elephants

Spare change anyone? $1.00 is all Philanthroper needs to change the world today. Reach into your pocket and see if you have some change that adds up to $1.00 and just give it. You won’t even know it’s missing.

Day 253: Give 253

Give just $1.00 and donate to Philanthroper to save the elephantsToday is Day 2 of giving $1.00 to Philanthroper so they can turn it into a substantial donation to help Save the Elephants. Philanthopers fundraising tactics are simple. We all give $1.00 on any given day Monday through Friday and all of a sudden your $1.00 may turn into a $250 donation. If 250 other people also give $1.00 it ads up. Let’s do some math – if 1000 people gave just $1.00 that donation for the day to the dedicated organization would be $1000.00! All you had to give $1.00. What if 10,000 or 100,000 of people gave just $1.00? The dollars would ad up and in no time huge change would be made around the world but just donating $1.00. Will you do it today? Will you tell your friends to just give $1.00 today?

The featured charity today is Save the Elephants. If you want to help save an elephant today donate today. It last for just 24 hours.

“Human populations are exploding in Africa…and we’re starting to see a lot more conflict between elephants and farmers, as an elephant can come into their land and wipe out their crops,” explains Julia Darcey of Save the Elephants’ partner, the Wildlife Conservation Network. “Demand for ivory is up, especially in China, and people are starting to map $20,000 an elephant head in Africa…a lifetime’s worth of earnings for one head.”

A direct quote from Save the Elephants. Did you know that African elephants are on the endangered species list?

One Dollar = change if we all do it right now. Dig deep in your pocket and see if you will really miss that dollar.

Time Commitment: 1 minutes

Cost: $1.00

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