Day 276: Go. Eat. Give. A Giving Movement fuelled by Passion
July 2, 2011
278: How Are You Celebrating Independence Day?
July 4, 2011
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If I recomended a way for you to give every day – 365 days a year – that didn’t take any of your time and didn’t cost you a dime, would you do it?
All you have to do is open an email once a day and hit “CLICK.” You can even direct your “Giving Click” to the topic of your choice. Cancer, Poverty, Animal Care, Homelessness. The list goes on. Here’s the kicker… it won’t cost you a dime nor will it cost you time. Read on to GIVE more in your life with just one CLICK!
Just one click and you can give every day. No cost, not money, just give.
Day 278: Give 278

Click to Give is a site that allows you to click and they give. With help from their advertising sponsors each click equals dollars that go directly to the featured charity in each category.

I chose to help sponsor a child today. This is the part I really liked. I got to know the child’s name, age, country and a few personal details. I have taken a excerpt directly from the site so you can see how you can help a real, live child. I know exactly who I am helping and where the money is going to provide the support she needs:

The only way to give is to take action. Click to Give today. Romina G Mendieta Montano

Birth Date: 4 May 2005
Education: Pre-school
Favorite subject: Drawing
Language: Spanish

Romina G lives in Ecuador with her mother only and her favorite game is playing with dolls.

Mother’s work: Household helper

Children in Romina G’s community face many challenges. The level of education among adults is low and many children do not attend school due to a lack of resources. Children are often malnourished, which affects their learning and leaves them susceptible to diseases like dengue fever and malaria. Community health is vulnerable to environmental pollution, which is a problem in the area. health and education services are basic, with inadequate staff numbers and training. Poverty, unemployment and migration have led to youth problems, gangs and social violence.

By sponsoring we are helping to provide Romina and her community:

Adult education and vocational training programs*Training in new income generating activities
Building materials and educational supplies for schools
Training in health, nutritional and hygiene

Click to Give will also follow the child’s journey as it happens and show the “clickers” exactly what your clicks have achieved and done for not only the individual child sponsored but the whole community of which they live.
Sign up today on Click to Give for a daily email reminder and CLICK to GIVE EVER DAY!
Time Commitment: 2 minutes

Cost: 0

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