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July 18, 2011
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July 21, 2011
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Stray Cat gets help from a stranger
I am in Toronto on business this week (my paying job) and it is hot here. I mean really hot. People are suffering, plants are suffering and animals are suffering from the heat. I had the opportunity to watch a woman tonight do a very special give to help an animal in need during the heat wave and I wanted to share the story. It’s what giving is truly all about.

The give that no one is watching but you do it because giving is in your heart.

Give 292/ Day 292

I was out having dinner with my sister tonight and on the way back to the car we saw a women bending down feeding a cat. My son was with me and he loves cats. He asked if we could go over and see the animal as the women was feeding him. The women told us to approach very slowly. He was obviously a stray and she was slowly throwing food to the cat as he wouldn’t approach her to take it. The cat was very thin and looked very young. She said she had seen the cat a few days in a row and was very worried for his health. She was trying to gain his trust so she could get the cat to drink some water along with easting the food.

As I stated the cat was a stray and this woman had no need to help the cat. When we arrived she wasn’t doing it because anyone was watching she was doing it because she obviously had a good heart and was genuinely considered for the animals well being. It warmed my heart.

Today’s give is a guest give by a women I had never met nor do I know her name but it was one of the nicest gives I had witnessed. It was straight from her heart – it was the giving at it’s finest.

Do you have a story of person you have witnessed from afar giving back in a simple way? Share the story with us. Leave us a comment or email me at changetheworld@365give.ca.

Time Commitment: This stranger could have spent hours or just minutes helping the cat

Cost: 0

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