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September 26, 2011
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September 28, 2011
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Clothing DonationAs the fall season arrives it’s time to clean out the closet. The shorts and t-shirts get put away as the warmer cloths come out.
What do you do with those items that you no longer have use for?
Day 350: Give 350

Mission Possible supporting communityMy husband and I have been spending the last couple of weekends cleaning out our closest preparing for the cooler days and evenings. When all was said and done we had 2 garbage bags filled with cloths we no longer had use for. After recently volunteering at Mission Possible here in Vancouver I knew exactly where the cloths would be put to best use. To people that don’t have the luxury of extra money to purchase the cloths that they need. Supporting the Canadian Diabetes AssociationWe had one additional bag that had household items that we dropped in a local Clothsline drop box. (in support of the Canadian Diabetes Association)

It’s easy to search in any city you live in. Why not give to those in need as well as help save the planet by keeping cloths out of the landfills. Reuse for good instead.

Here are the 365give top 8 ways to donate your cloths / household items here in Canada.

1) Mission Possible (Vancouver specific)

2) Goodwill

3) Local Fire Stations (clothing drop box)

4) Covenant House (street youth)

5) Salvation Army Thrift Stores

6) Professional Organizers (links to a list of many charity donation spots across Canada)

7) Clothsline (supporting Canadian Diabetes Foundation)

8) Big Brothers (pick up or bin drop)

Taking the time to donate what you no longer need does so much to give. It gives to the planet and it gives to organizations that are changing the world every day.

Do you have a favourite organization you donate your items to we could add to our list? Leave a comment and share some more ideas.

Time Commitment: 15 minutes to drive to donate

Cost: 0

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