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November 16, 2010
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November 18, 2010
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Day 49: Give & Shine

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As part of National Philanthropy Week on 365give, I have been searching out retailers or products that are doing their own form of GIVING every day. If I’m going to shop, why not

make a difference along the way?

Give & Shine

Day 49 / GIVE 49

This weekend I am participating in a charity event called the Chef Challenge for a Cure to raise money for the research of womens cancers. I needed a new t-shirt to make a special 365give shirt for the up coming event.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money but I wanted a shirt with style. I had been shopping with my son at the weekend and notice that the retailer Jacob had a special promotion going on right now called “Give & Shine.” Their tag line is “Give your clothes a new lease on life”

All I had to do is take in an old piece of women’s clothing and I would receive a 25% discount off any new purchase. The clothes I bring in are donated to Goodwill and I received this discount on my purchase.

I love the name of this promotion as giving does make me shine. I get that warm fuzzy feeling every day I do a GIVE, even the smallest thing makes me feel good.

You can also go onto their Facebook Page and hit their “like” button they will donate a piece of clothing to Goodwill. This is an easy double GIVE. I donate a piece clothing, they donate a piece of clothing and everyone benefits.

I have come to realized that GIVING is trendy. It is the thing to do – so get on board adn find your own way to GIVE!

Let the holiday shopping begin and let us know how you shop and give all at the same time.

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