I #DareYou to Give Every Day
November 10, 2014
Students #giveeveryday
February 24, 2015
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Let the daily giving begin! 365give launched The 365give Challenge at Pauline Johnson Elementary School in West Vancouver. Over 300 students have committed to #giveeveryday.

Students will grow their 365give Giving Tree with every daily give. The school has a big goal to complete 183 daily gives by the end of the school year.

“The 365give Challenge is a powerful educational tool instilling lifelong global citizenship while fulfilling curricular, school and district goals.” Lindsay Storry, teacher West Vancouver School District.

• Highly Motivating
• Empowers students to take ownership of their learning
• Creates a positive class and school culture
• Inquiry Based Learning


Why teach elementary school students how to be Global Citizens by giving every day?

Teaching children to give every day both locally and globally in tandem with their school curriculum has many scientifically proven benefits, including:
• Increased health and wellness
• Decreased stress
• Reduced incidents of bullying
• Increased engagement in classroom and school community
• Enhance intellectual capacity and grade point averages

I have seen first- hand the power of the program in our elementary schools. Teachers, students and parents all appreciated how simple it was to participate, and saw that small or large everyday actions can have a lasting impact.” Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of Schools, West Vancouver School District.
We look forward to sharing the student’s daily giving stories each week. If you would like more information about The 365give Challenge and how you can implement the program at your school contact us and we will be happy to help your students gain the benefits of learning to #giveeveryday.

tpp_grantee_badgeA special thank you to The Pollination Project for supporting 365give this year. Their grant is helping us #seedthechange by inspiring children to #givehappy every day of the school year.

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