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February 24, 2015
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Teach Kids to Give in 5 Minutes for #GivingTuesday

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It’s #GivingTuesday, the day the world stands together to give! We believe that giving starts with the children of our world. It’s never too early to start! Make a commitment today to start teaching your students and children to give.

3 Easy Ways to Give on #GivingTuesday


1. Go On A Garbage Walk
Spend 5 minutes walking around your neighbourhood or community cleaning up garbage! Talk to your kids about how they are helping our planet, wildlife and people.

2. Create a Black Tuesday!
Make it a ‘black out’ day at school and home by turning off lights and electronics that are not needed! Figure out how much electricity you saved in just one day!

3. Free Hug Day!

Did you know that giving stimulates “oxytocin” your cuddle hormone! Create that warm fuzzy feeling at school and in your community by spreading the love through free hugs! You will feel as happy as everyone you hug!

Learning To Give Can Be Taught Anywhere!

Don’t wait! Making giving part of your daily living today! Teaching kids to give can be done at home and at school. You just need to be inspired to make giving part of your day!

Want more giving inspiration? Check out our inspiring 365give daily giving list or our Community Partners Learn to Give website that offers over 1700 free lesson plans for teachers and schools that want to integrate giving into their classes.

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