June 18, 2018

Nothing is a waste

Something dusty in the darkest part of your room could become a treasure for somebody else!
June 17, 2018

father’s day fun

I helped my mom and divulging cook a beautiful dinner for my dad on father’s day! it was so much fun being all together to celebrate our dad!
June 9, 2018

Lost in Rome :)

Today I helped two lovely tourists to find their way to Colosseum
June 7, 2018

gift to brighten a day

Mailed an unexpected gift to a friend to brighten her day
May 30, 2018

A compliment

I saw that someone I didn't know so well had reached a goal and decided to send them a small paragraph congratulating them.
May 29, 2018

Rice for the hungry

I helped donate over 4000 grains of rice to help end world hunger!
May 27, 2018

Family in need.

Everyone needs a set of sheets!
May 26, 2018

Bought coffee for mum

Surprised mum with a little coffee date today
May 24, 2018

Show people that they’r awesome!

I gave my friend my german books,so that she can study,and i also wrote a note and told her that she is the best and she can do what she wants!
May 24, 2018

Helped Mum

Did some chores for mum.
May 23, 2018

Inspiration note before driving test

I gave my friend a confidence note twords her driving test tomorrow, I know she's nervous and I want to give her strength and good vibes :)
May 23, 2018

I gave back to the world by teaching to give.

A guy was really depressed and down. I got talking to him and told him about the 365 give, and that he will be happier so long as he focuses his energy on doing happy things. His poems were really depressing and suicidal. But today he told me that I “saved his life” and sent me this poem; Brighter tomorrows fill my conscious with grace, No bad days to come now I’m clouded in a better place. Suicide notes to my ghosts no longer become of any good, Toxins creep beside my dry eyes but staying closed is what they should. Horizons becoming ever so gazing like the crack of the sunrise, Not adding and subtracting my sorrows no more my minds dry. Negativity brandishing the past like lava on this earth, Grateful to breath freshly again like I’ve become a new birth. ALL BECAUSE HE IS NOW THINKING OF GIVING BACK TO THE WORLD RATHER THAN HIMSELF! <3
May 21, 2018

Free Rice Game

Donated 1200g of rice
May 15, 2018

Time for Tea

Happiness begins with 'a cuppa tea' :-)
May 9, 2018

Free Parking

I had paid for parking for the day and only used three hours. As I was leaving a saw an elderly lady going to the meter and offered her my ticket.
May 9, 2018

Time for New Group

I was recently elected president of our New Group (networking group). Soon after I was re-hired to my full time job. My Job is in another town (about 20 min away) from our Wednesday meeting. I have been jumping through hoops to make as many meeting as possible to help maintain our New Group. I love Networking, I love our group and it makes me happy to give my time to them.
May 6, 2018

Gave a Lift

Gave a hitchhiker a four hour lift.
May 1, 2018

River of flow

April 26, 2018

Smiles are free

This is our first week of "giving" as a family. We have been giving away free smiles all week! Compliments too! It really makes everyone feel good.
April 25, 2018

Board games for children in our hospital

One of group prepared board games but unfortunately they didn't finish them we decided to do it and in the future can give more board games to sick children.
April 25, 2018

A positive entry on our pavement

It is sunny day and we want to stay on a playground all day!!!! What good can we done for others?