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10 Daily Gives for Seniors That Will Make All of Us Happy

Daily Gives for Seniors
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We love love love daily gives for seniors. International older persons day is celebrated on October 1st of each year. Seniors contribute to our lives as grandparents, parents, partners, neighbours, friends and coworkers. This day is an opportunity to show appreciation to the elderly. Let’s look at 10 ways to give back to seniors that will make all of us happy.

10 Daily Gives for Seniors That Spread Happiness

  1. Catch up with a senior neighbour, parent or grandparent on the phone. A phone call is an easy way to connect and talk. By calling a senior you allow them the opportunity to relieve some stress, loneliness or share a good laugh.
  2. Send a heartfelt letter or card to a senior loved one. Sending letters as a routine can increase your happiness and overall sense of well-being. Encourage children to write letters to their grandparents.
  3. Invite a senior friend or family member out for coffee. Coffee dates have many benefits.They are easy to schedule, inexpensive, casual, an ideal setup for conversation and people watching. As well, consuming coffee has many health benefits.


Daily Gives for Seniors

  1. Look through photo albums with an elderly loved one. Flipping through photo albums is a fun trip down memory lane and a great daily give for seniors. It’s often funny seeing the changing hair and clothing styles over the years.
  2. Run an errand for a senior for your daily give for seniors. Many seniors have issues with driving, walking and carrying items. We can help with driving them and attending the following;
  • doctor or dentist appointments
  • picking up or dropping off mail
  • grocery, clothing or gift shopping
  • hairdresser or barber appointments
  • pharmacy visits
  • dry cleaning and laundry
  • social events, celebrations and spiritual services
  1. Eldery folks can have difficulty managing basic housekeeping duties due to aches and pains or a fear of falling. Ways to help can include cleaning the floor, mopping and vacuuming,organizing high shelves, cleaning up after meals, cleaning the bathroom, laundry and mowing the lawn.
  2. Ask a senior to teach you something new. When they were growing up many senior citizens learnt skills such as sewing, gardening, baking, farming or woodworking. These are great skills to pass on to the younger generations.
  3. Teach the basics of technolgy to seniors patiently. Keep things simple, explain to them the importance of privacy and online security, adjust the size of keys and fonts on devices. Show them how to use a computer to manage finances and surf the internet.

Daily Gives for Seniors

  1. Introduce seniors to different social media platforms. Instagram as a visual medium to share pictures and videos. Snapchat to send cute filtered pictures and messages. Twitter for news junkies as the fastest way to follow breaking news.
  2. Bake with seniors. Spending time in the kitchen can ease stress and increase mindfulness. The process of baking improves mood. It is a relaxing, creative and delicious experience.

Give Back and Be Happy Daily

Post and share how you give back to seniors on social media using the #365give hashtag and inspire others to give back too.  Practice giving daily and spread happiness to everyone all year round. Sign up for a free 365give membership and find other simple ways to give every day.



Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur was born and raised in Canada and is of Punjabi heritage. She is a confessed Spiritual Junkie and strives to be a mindful parent to her son and daughter.

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