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10 Easy Ways To Give at the Office – Happiness Guaranteed!

Give at the office and find out what happens!
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Give at the office, really? This is serious business these days and works. Office culture is a hot topic these days. Creating environments that promote and support employees, work place teams and manager-employee happiness has instigated the creation of work place happiness apps. These apps try to measure the happiness ‘pulse’ of employees through a serious of timed requests and employee input….some actually measure moods of employees. But I have not seen an actual app that works to increase employee happiness by prompted actions to increase happiness. The app developers who tested the results of their app have said that the apps work toward increasing happiness, not just surveying employees over all moods, when an employee is appointed as a wellbeing officer, or happiness manager..some responsible to execute activities and strategies to increase employee happiness.

We give big points to the innovators who are trying to measure happiness (that is not an easy task) but are scratching our heads over the lack of employee resources on the apps. Instead of just measuring happiness, empower to increase their happiness. Unless a CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) is appointed, employees are left with little resources to create positive change in the work place….interesting. They are just left clicking happy faces on an app, or in some cases sad faces to show their managers that indeed they are not the happiest they can be.

Well, we have the solution. These 10 easy ways to give at the office, and we don’t mean financially, will increase and empower employees to create positive change within themselves and their office.

No app needed, no Chief Happiness Officer required, no Well Being Manager needs to be added to the payroll. You just need to do one simple give, every day, at the office. Once you start one give, watch others follow suit. Taking 5 minutes out of your lunch time, from your break, or when you arrive first thing in the morning, can shift the mood and happiness of you and your employees. Now imagine what would happen if all employees did this, every day. The happiness would be spreading exponentially throughout the office, in your workspace and to your customers.


10 Easy Gives An Employee Can Do At the Office – Love This!

  1. Bring snacks to your team or a meeting. Simple. There is something to be said when an employee brings snacks instead of waiting for the office to splurge for your snacks.
  2. Send a thank you note. Whether it be a card, a text or an email, a simple thank you means a great deal.
  3. Talk to a co-worker you have never spoken to before. Think of all the employees you see in the hall or across the room and you…have..never…actually…spoken….to…them. Make a point to strike up a conversation.
  4. Clean a work space that you are not responsible for. Clean up after a meeting, tidy up the communal kitchen. Clean the area around the copy machine or scanner. Yup, not your job, but a great give once in a while.
  5. Invite a new employee to lunch.
  6. Bring the building security or cleaning staff cookies or a box of treats. There are a lot of people within your workplace that are not part of your company but they are critically important to your work day. Bring them a treat and thank them.
  7. Smile, smile, smile. And then smile, smile, smile.
  8. Post random gratitude notes around the office – in the bathrooms, at the coffee machine, water cooler, office supply room.
  9. Hold the elevator for someone
  10. Donate vacation time to a coworker who needs it. Now we do have to say, ask your HR department or manager first. Different offices have different rules, but if you can do this, how cool is that!

If you are asked to participate in a Happiness App at work, go for it, but more importantly, you..need…to…empower….yourself…first…Give every day, without anyone asking.

Use this happiness strategy to change your work culture and yourself, one give, one day at a time.

Did you love this idea? Become a member of  365give (its free!), either as an office or an individual and start creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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