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May 11, 2020
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10 Gives You Can Do At Home For Your Family

Gives You Can Do At Home
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This is the perfect time to look at gives you can do at home. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to stay home and preventing us from doing some of our favourite activities. If helping others is an important part of your life, maybe you’re feeling unproductive and even guilty about not being able to give and help like you used to. Instead of focusing on what you can’t do, find opportunities to give to people near you – your own family! Here are ten things you can do to give to your family from the comfort of your own home:

Offer to Do Housework

Do members of your family share household duties? Surprise your family by completing a housework task that is not your usual responsibility. It can be as simple as setting the dinner table, taking out garbage, or walking the family dog.

Request a Song from a Radio Station

Gives You Can Do At Home


Here is a creative way to send a message of love, gratitude, or encouragement to your family – contact a local radio station and request them to play your family’s favourite song with your message.

Gives You Can Do At Home – Be the Best Version of Yourself

I’ve seen many parents who find joy in their healthy children, people who imitate their siblings’ good habits, and children who follow their parents’ inspirational career paths. You can offer the gift of your best self to your family simply by being yourself and doing your best in all things.

Exercise Together

Next time you’re exercising at home, invite your family to join you. If you’re an exercise pro, you can teach your family how to follow a workout routine or use exercise equipment properly. You’ll be giving your family a gift of quality time and health.

Do Your Family’s Favourite Activities

Get to know your family’s interests (especially if they are new to you or different from you own), and participate in activities that entertain your family. Let other family members select their favourite movie at the family movie night. Ask about your family’s hobbies and spend time doing them together.

Listen Genuinely

You may think you know everything about your family, but do you really know them – their feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams? Next time your family speaks to you, practice good listening skills (e.g., good eye contact, not interrupting, empathizing). Ask them about their day or how they are feeling, and get to know them better.

Ask What Your Family Needs or Wants

Have you ever done a nice thing for someone, only to hear “I never asked you to do that”? A surprise gift or a random act of kindness can be exciting, but most people aren’t mind readers, so we can get wrong ideas about what our family needs or wants. Simply asking how exactly you can support your family can show that you truly care.

GIves You Can Do At Home – Keep Promises

Give your family a gift of trust by keeping any promises you made them – whether it’s doing your housework responsibilities, being on time, or not “secretly borrowing” your siblings’ favourite clothes. By doing so, you’re also giving yourself a gift of integrity.

Host an Online Family Reunion

Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from celebrating your family’s special days together or enjoying the company of one another! Use video-conferencing technologies to organize an online family reunion – especially for family members who cannot be home at the moment. If you need information on video-conferencing technologies, refer to this article on video calls from our blog.

Share the History of Your Family

A few years ago, my grandmother told me about one of my ancestors – his family background and his talent for music. Knowing where I (and my love of music) came from made me understand and appreciate myself better. Ask about and share stories of your family – interesting historical facts or anecdotes. You might help your family feel proud of and grateful for who they are. If you can keep a record of these stories, it will be a great gift for your family now and in future.

Come up with your own creative and loving ways to give to your family, and continue implementing your family give ideas even after the pandemic and self-isolation end. For more giving ideas you can do from home (for your family and others), check out our People Give blog articles. You will end up with an endless list of giving ideas that will fuel you for an entire year of giving!

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Theresa Kim
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