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10 Ways People Can Give This Lunar New Year

Give This Lunar New Year
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Looking for additional ways to give this Lunar New Year? This holiday is all about giving, but focusing on your give during this holiday will make even better! As the Lunar New Year nears, it is important to recognize that not only is this is a time to celebrate but this is also a time of giving. Here are 10 different ways you can give during the Lunar New Year. Starting the year off right with a daily give is a wonderful way to generate more happiness for yourself and others!

Offer Your Help Around The House

A big part of preparing for the Lunar New Year is cleaning the house. Offering to help out with the housework or set up decorations can go a long way on ensuring preparations have been made for the celebration. Giving to your family is as important as giving to others, so lend a hand and get ready for the festivities.

Support Small Local Businesses

If you’re looking to buy some new clothes, why not consider shopping at your local businesses? The pandemic has affected the operations of small local businesses, leaving them vulnerable during this period. So, why not search up the local business in your area that might have what you have been looking for? Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but this might lead you to discover your new favourite store.

Donate Clothes To A Local Thrift Store

As you shop for new clothes, a new pile starts to form, a pile full of clothes you no longer need anymore. A great way to give back this Lunar New Year is by donating your pile to local thrift stores in need of donations. You can always locate your local thrift stores or local charities who are currently accepting old clothing donations by searching them up online or giving them a call.

Shop At Your Local Farmers Market

It is tradition to eat mandarin oranges during the celebration of the Lunar New Year as they symbolize good fortune, wealth and prosperity. So why not look for this delicious fruity goodness at your local farmer’s market. This is a great way to support your local vendors amid such difficult times.

Eat Together – Either Virtually or In Person

The Lunar New Year is all about spending time with family and most of all, eating together! Offering to cook a meal is a great opportunity to not only learn new recipes but also bond through cooking. And if cooking is not your forte, you can schedule a virtual video call with family and friends! This is a fantastic way to spend time with one another while also sharing the different meals you might be having as you celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Donate To A Local Food Bank

As eating is a big part of celebrating the Lunar New Year, a wonderful way to give back would be picking up an extra can or two while out shopping for groceries to prepare for the New Year and donate it to the food bank. This is a great way to be able to help support those who may not have the means to feed themselves.

Create Online Fun

Another great way to spend time together is through online games! Online multi-player games such as Among Us, Codenames and are just a few games you could be playing with family or friends as you celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Send Well-Wishes To Loved Ones

Another major aspect of celebrating the Lunar New Year is by spreading this joy and sending well-wishes to your loved ones. A great and safe way to do so is by tapping into your creative side and making cards you can send to your loved ones wishing them a happy new year.

Share With Your Neighbours

Another way you can celebrate the Lunar New Year while also be giving is by sharing this celebration with your neighbours. Putting together a little gift bag with various goodies like mandarin oranges and leaving a small note wishing them a happy new year would be a great way to safely celebrate and spread the joy this Lunar New Year.

Donate To Local Charities

The Lunar New Year is all celebrating and spreading good luck and fortunes, so why not extend this celebration to charities and non-profit organizations who work to help others in need. Also, consider donating to organizations that support your local Chinese communities that help to celebrate and promote Chinese culture.

This Lunar New Year let us celebrate with our loved ones and spread this joy and spirit of giving to others around us. For more information on how giving is beneficial for both you and your community, visit 365give. Our giving resources make daily giving easy. Why not spread a whole bunch of happiness while you give every day. Remember to adapt to your community social distancing rules if you need to. All of these gives can be done in person or virtually!

Nichole Goh
Nichole Goh
I am currently pursuing an Honours undergraduate degree in Sociology that nurtures my passion for mental health and mental health advocacy. Aside from school and volunteering, I have a love for desserts, films and music of various genres and eras. I hope to be able to continue working to give back to others and reaching out to those who might too afraid to ask for help.

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