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10 Ways Teens Can Use Social Media for Social Good

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Every parent wishes they could convince their teenagers to spend less time on their phones scrolling through TikTok or Instagram, but what if we told you there a way to use social media to create a positive change in the world today?


Social Media for Social Good

While all the negative effects of social media are alive and well, it’s easy to let these overshadow the positive actions that are possible through the use of these platforms. Just look to the oppressive regimes in Tunisia and Egypt that were both brought down with the help of citizens finding their voice and using social media. Alongside the oppressed, teens need to be informed on how to use social media for positive change, as they will be among be the first generation using social media for majority of their lives. Not everyone’s social media account needs to be dedicated purely to social good, but these 10 ways teens can create positive impact on social media for social good are as easy as sharing an outfit from your favourite influencer.

Share facts and figures

Knowledge is power. Social media revolves around interacting with others, which means every platform comes equipped with an easy way to share someone’s content. An easy first step to creating positive impact on social media for social good is finding an account or user that posts data regarding a subject you find important, and sharing that information on your own page. You can even add some personality to this by sharing more engaging facts and figures such as infographics or videos.

Gather information

Take advantage of the noticeable social media accounts that have dedicated themselves to social good in the world and inform yourself on matters you think would help create positive impact. The benefit of researching on social media is that the majority of accounts sharing information present it in a very fun and appealing way. Instead of reading through newspaper articles or research papers, you could be scrolling through videos or photos. Just make sure your information is coming from a verified source. Here is an article that shares instagram accounts that emanate social good.

youth and technology

Share call to actions

The story of positive impact on social media always leads to the same ending; attempting to get others to join the cause. Most social media users wouldn’t turn down a presentable call to action if they came across it during a scroll. These may be few and far between, but the ones that are there will easily generate user engagement.

Support work from other figures you find inspiring

Social media platforms are incredibly effective at promoting positive impact because they cost nothing to use. This means that the pages and personas that address social issues that matter to you are doing what they do purely for the cause, making a like or a share all the more impactful. Simultaneously, that little bit of support that only costs you the push of a button or 1 tap on your screen will mean to world the accounts you find important.

Participate in interactive activism and opportunities online

Social change doesn’t happen without numbers and participation. Organizations concerned with promoting positive impact are always trying to gather data and gage how large of an audience is concerned with the issue that they’re promoting. Easy to use tools such as Google surveys or crowdfunding websites regularly make the rounds on social media and are one o the most tangible ways to contribute to social good. Take it one step further and give a share to your cause or add the appropriate links to your own account to fully align with the issue.

Promote events that align with your views

This one may be a little tricky given that social media spans all over the globe, which is one of the benefits since anyone has access to participate in the social good that you’re trying to establish. However, don’t limit yourself to the confines of an iPhone or computer. There are real in-person events promoted through social media. Even if you cannot physically attend the event yourself, getting the information out may add someone who wouldn’t be there without your keen attitude.

Be patient

Change doesn’t happen without small steps in the right direction. It may seem as if your efforts are in vain when no tangible change happens from your efforts to create social good. Allow yourself to feel good about the small steps that you’re taking in using your social media account to create positive impact. Each share of a survey from an account that you align with is one step closer to making the world a better place.

Act with purpose

Make sure your efforts to create social change come from a place of purpose. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of promoting social change on social media solely for the image it creates for your profile, rather than actually spreading awareness regarding issues that are important to you.

Connect yourself to a community

There’s only so much impact that one person can create. Not only is it lonely to try and do everything on your own, but it’s not practical either. So much more can be done with the help of others. Social media is a great platform to find a community that aligns with the messages and values that you hold dear to yourself. It’s easy to find those people who matchup to you by a quick view of someone’s profile as well. Once you have others that feel the same way you do, you can all engage in the steps previously mentioned.

Don’t overload yourself

We’d all like to be able to fix every issue we see in the world, but we are only human. Use all the potential that social media holds to promote social good, but remind yourself that there’s only so much an individual can do. Here are some more ideas on how to use social media for social good.

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