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10 Ways To Give Back To the Planet At Work

Ways To Give Back
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You can use your office time and space to find ways give back every day. Giving back to people is fun, with gratitude notes, buying a colleague coffee, or taking a new employee out to lunch with you. But how about mixing it up and giving back to the planet at work. These 10 gives are a great way to give back to the planet at the office while you inspire others to do the same. Reycling is the most popular and legislated office planet give but these new ones are fun, easy and make your work place not only more eco-friendly but a happier place as well.

10 Planet Gives You Can Do In The Office

1. Have an office wide Eco- Commute Day! – This can be done weekly or monthly. Encourage your fellow co-workers to either walk, bike, car pool, or take public transit to work. This planet give decreases emissions and green house gases while giving you a new view as you head in to work.
2. Support local and organic businesses for your Board Room food – say bye-bye to the donuts and find an inexpensive local food provider to cater your board room food and events. If you have left over food, your next planet give it to donate it to a local shelter or organization so nothing goes to waste.
3. Host an office clothing drive – Have everyone donate one piece of gently used clothing and donate it to an organization that helps people find work. Office attire can get expensive and helping someone land their new job with a great outfit can save lives and help someone get full time employment.
4. Put fresh mint in the office kitchen – not only will you be added some pizzazz to the kitchen, people can make mint tea forgoing a tea bag in the garbage. I think this should count at two planet gives as you are reducing garbage in our landfills and taking some green house gases out of the air with a planet.
5. Buy a candy dispenser – Get rid of candy wrappers and add a candy dispenser to your desk. The Triple Candy Machine found on Amazon is great and lets you add unwrapped nuts, chocolates and hard candy without the wrappers. Hands do not touch the candy so you don’t have to worry about fingers in a jar! Buy your candy and nuts in bulk and you have a winning planet give.
6. Unplug Electronics – We all have the habit of charging our devices for longer than we need to. Board rooms are also left ‘plugged in’ longer than is necessary. Start unplugging sooner rather later so you use less electricity.
7. Use the water cooler and a reusable water bottle – Toss the plastic glasses and plastic water bottles. Refill, reuse and if you want, make your next company swag a reusable water bottle for visitors! Let them take the water bottle with them for company promotion and a way for them to continue giving back to the planet every day.
8. Tupperware every where! Tupperware is great for your lunches brought from home, but also a wonderful planet give for your take away lunches at local restaurants and fast food places. Hand over your tupperware when you order lunch to go and see how it catches on with others.
9. Coffee runs just got a bit more interesting – Take reusable coffee containers for the hourly coffee runs in the office. Save money (most coffee houses discount if you use your own coffee container), save the planet, and cut down on plastic. Use the office labeler to put each persons name on their cup and add how they like their coffee to it is easy for the baristas! A long list of coffees is no longer needed, your coffee run just got easier!
10. Add a plant to your desk – yes those little house plants make a BIG impact on air quality and happiness. Add a bit of green to your desk to remind you to give to the planet a few times a week!

Work Place Gives Increase Work Place Happiness!

One thoughtful, and easy give every day at the office changes people’s moods, productivity and generates better client relationships. Sure, free food, free drinks, creative work spaces are great, but one give every day impacts the workplace in so many positive ways.

A bit shy to do a give every day at work? Check out our #Do1Give Day where people around the world commit to one give on April 17, 2019 to change the world. Get your office involved and test out the giving waters. How your employees and colleaugues feel after this one giving day will inspire more giving days on a regular basis. Use this annual event to inspire giving regularly in your workplace. It truly is as easy as 1,2,3 and will change the world, one give, one day at a time.

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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