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10 Ways Your Classroom Can Give Over Thanksgiving

Your Classroom Can Give Over Thanksgiving
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Curious how your classroom can give over Thanksgiving? There are so many wonderful ways to involve your students in giving projects over the Thanksgiving holidays! Get your kids excited about giving by choosing great causes together. It doesn’t have to be complicated, or expensive. Your students will love being involved in selecting, planning and executing their gives to help people, animals and the planet! You will see great results together and feel the shift in class morale which will be at an all-time high when your students feel empowered to make a difference, no matter their age. Your students will go away for the holiday break feeling happy about giving, about making a difference in their world and working together as change agents. Children of all ages can participate with your leadership and guidance. Give them a special gift this holiday season by giving them the opportunity to be part of the solution.

10 Easy Ways to Change the World Over Thanksgiving

  1. Clean up the school grounds for a daily give to Planet Earth. Nothing can be easier. Go out there with gloves or tongues and bags and pick up all the litter you can find. If your class does it for another class, you’re doing a double give!

2. Read holiday stories to your buddy class. Some students may even want to write their own stories. That is a win-win for all since the readers benefit from the extra practice, and the listeners enjoy the stories whilst developing their listening skills.

3. Prepare cards or notes of good wishes to the staff. And don’t forget the office staff and the custodians! They work so hard to keep your school running smoothly. A small note with a drawing and a kind message will mean the world to them. You can also get your students to make cards for another class in your school, or in another school. Spread the joy!

4. Give the gift of song and music to others. Choose your audience. Seniors’ centres or assisted living care homes will welcome your class with open arms. Your class can perform holiday favourites, or songs they have learned in music class. Give a free holiday concert!

5. Help a primary class with an art project, or any project Helping other is an easy way to give, and is so easy to do in a school where young learners benefit from one-on-one support. Ask your colleagues how your students can help out. They will be thankful for your offer.

6. Volunteer your students to be Kindergarten monitors, or recess monitors. We all know the importance of play for the development of students’ abilities, from physical literacy to social skills. The playground is a great place to pitch in and the recess supervisors will appreciate the extra helping hands. Push the little ones on the swing, or lead them in games during recess.

7. Get your students to prepare and present announcements on the PA, reminding all students to compost and bring re-usable containers at lunch. Your students will also love making posters, and visiting classes to remind them of the importance of composting. You can even organize a contest to see which class does the best job.

8. Organize a fundraiser such as a lemonade or hot chocolate sale, and send proceeds to the SPCA or an animal shelter of the students’ choice. Or ask each student to bring one item and send the collection to the animal shelter. Students love giving to the animals!

9. Walk to school or carpool if you can’t use transit! Most students these days are transported to school by car and the traffic and parking issues around schools are growing. Help out by walking part of the way, share rides with others or take public transit.

10 Make dog treats and send them to the animal shelter near you. Baking dog biscuits is a fun way to practice your math skills.

Those are 10 easy ways your class can give over Thanksgiving. There are more giving ideas on our website.  Sign up your classroom as a 365give member to join the giving movement!



Chantal Trudeau
Chantal Trudeau
I am excited to be a part of this incredible team #365give! My passion for teaching and learning started 32 years ago when I started teaching at the elementary level. I have always believed that teaching the hearts and minds of children is paramount if we want our children to feel happy, valued, and empowered. As a Principal in elementary schools for over 10 years, I see children thrive when they give, and those smiles keep me going. I get so much energy from working with children! I love to run, I love to cook, and I love to practice daily giving!

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