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August 8, 2011
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August 10, 2011
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This passion to purpose story is inspiring. One family has turned their greatest tragedy it into a story of inspiration, love and giving.
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I recently had the opportunity to meet a remarkable young women by the name of Jamie Keast. Her story, along with her families is one we all need to keep close to our hearts. You never know when your life will change forever.

The Keast Family is shining example of how tragedy and sorrow can be turned into hope and love. On June 10, 2006 The Keast Family lost their son in a terrible accident the night of his High School graduation party. I can not begin to imagine how that feels nor can I imagine what that can do to a family. Quinn Keast was a shining star in his community and a great loss to so many that loved him.

But this is not a story of a tragic loss but a story of love and how that love for Quinn has turned into a remarkable commitment of giving in his honour. The Quinn Keast Foundation was born in honour of Quinn’s death and is making an impact on communities in Vancouver. The Foundation just completely 3 new basketball / hockey courts at Templeton Secondary School and are forging ahead to do more for their city.

But this story isn’t even about the families foundation in Quinn’s honour but 4 women (including Quinn’s Mother and Sister) that have started a project called the Global Soul Sisters. It has been created by Jamie and Jan Keast, along with 2 dear friends, Montana and Jennifer Hewlett, to “combine passion with purpose as we connect women all over the global to live and give.”

I had the opportunity to work with Jan Keast at one of the projects The Global Soul Sisters supports called Mission Possible in the downtown east side of Vancouver.


I volunteered for a morning at Mission Possible and had a remarkable experience helping those in need in Vancouver’s East side. Before heading down to Mission Possible I filled two bags of unwanted cloths that my husband and I no longer needed as a donation for the organization. Providing clothing and basic daily essentials are just one of the ways Mission Possible supports people that don’t have the income for basic necessities.  I have worked with many homeless and financially challenged people over the past 15 years but Mission Possible takes service to a new level.

As “guests” arrived to Mission Possible they are first asked what their needs are for the day. clothing, shoes, socks, underwear, even soap and toothpaste. I was then assigned a guests to help them choose the appropriate items that they need. All the volunteers help to get them proper sizes, dig through the donated items for things they like and even a few luxuries that may not even be on their list. I felt like a fashion consultant for each of the lovely people I met making sure every item they received would make them feel good about themselves and be useful for their day to day life. I would add a pretty scarf to a plain sweater or just the right shirt to go with a pair of pants. For the few minutes (even the half hour) I spent with each of the guests I made sure I made each and every one of them feel special in their own way. It may have been a “give” for the people in need of assistance at Mission Possible that day but it was truly a gift for me to meet so many lovely people and give them the dignity we all deserve.

The Global Soul Sisters are about inspiring people here in Vancouver and also abroad (Nicaragua) to get involved – “to have the courage to make a difference.”

I was honoured to meet both Jan and Jamie Keast. The have inspired me to continue giving in my life – what about you? What inspires you to be courageous enough to give in your life?

Time Commitment: 3 hours

Cost: 0 Philanthropy by volunteering is free!

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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