Once you’ve signed up for the 365give Challenge and become a member, you will track your daily giving habit with 365give badges. How? Each time you submit your daily give to the Global Impact Map, your daily give will show up on the map (yay!) and you will receive a badge that is posted in your membership profile. This way you will see how well you are doing, can share your daily progress and show off your 365give badges to inspire others!

What is a 365give badge?

A badge is a virtual sticker identifying what kind of “give” and how many daily gives you have completed. It is a great way to keep track and reach new levels of giving! 365give badges are achieved every time you submit your give and can be seen on your Membership Profile Page when you are logged into your 365give account. 


Every give you submit will receive either a Plant Badge, Animal Badge or a People Badge.

Planet Give Badge
People Give Badge
Animal Give Badge 365give


Milestone badges track your daily gives and show you when you reach a milestone in your giving habit. If you finish 5 gives, you will receive an additional badge that reflects your first 5 give goal! After submitting 10 gives, another badge pops up showing you have reached the 10 give goal. Milestone badges are awarded up to your 365th give, the 365give Super Hero Badge!

gives 1
give 2