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September 27, 2021
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5 Gives for Grandparents or Adopted Grandparents

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These gives for grandparents or adopted grandparents are perfect after we have been isolating after the last 18 months. I love this! Grandparents are like our second parents. They shower you with love and offer you enormous amounts of food to ensure that you’re being taken care of. However, with all the love and support they offer, how can we give back to them as well?

Here are few ideas on how you can give and spread love and kindness to your grandparents.

Gives For Grandparents – Give Them A Helping Hand

A simple give you can give to your grandparents is by offering  a helping hand. In the light of technological era, we can be especially helpful to help our grandparents with any technology-related questions they may have. So whether it is inside with their phones or outside with their gardening or around the house, by simply offering to help them, this can show your appreciation and how much you care for them.

Gives For Grandparents – Ask Them To Share Their Stories

Grandparents often have interesting and amazing stories from their youth so why not ask them to share a few? By taking the time to sit down and ask them about their life and to share their stories, it will not only show your interest in their lives, but this will let them feel heard. This will also give them the chance to reminisce about their youth and share those good times with their grandchildren.

Spend Some Quality Time With Your Grandparents

Each grandparent may have their own favourite hobby or pastime, so why not take some time out to learn about them? You could learn to play their favourite game or tag along when they need to go run some errands. Either way, by spending some quality time with your grandparents, your presence could bring comfort to them and remind them how much you are there and care for them.

Cook Up A Storm For Your Give

Another wonderful way to give back to your grandparents is through food! Food is a universal way of showing how much you love and care for someone, making a meal or a small snack for them can show how you want to take care of them. This will also show how much you were thinking about them.

Give A Call To Say Hi!

Due to COVID-19, some of us have been unable to see our relatives as much as we would have like to. So, another way to spend time with a grandparent without having to physically be there is by picking up the phone to call and check-in on them. During such times, it can be easy for many of us to feel lonely and isolated; therefore, by picking up the phone to give them a call and have a little chat with them, this will show you have been thinking for them and remind them that they have family members who are thinking about them and care about their wellbeing.

Grandparents often show their love and compassion through various actions, so why not take this as a sign for us to show our love through giving! If you would like to find more ways you can give back and spread joy to the people around you (and to yourself as well!) check out 365give for more ideas on giving and spreading love and kindness.


Nichole Goh
Nichole Goh
I am currently pursuing an Honours undergraduate degree in Sociology that nurtures my passion for mental health and mental health advocacy. Aside from school and volunteering, I have a love for desserts, films and music of various genres and eras. I hope to be able to continue working to give back to others and reaching out to those who might too afraid to ask for help.

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