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September 3, 2020
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September 14, 2020
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5 Gives Students Can Do at School or in Remote Classrooms

5 Gives Students Can Do at School
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These 5 gives students can do at school or in remote classrooms will help all of us increase our happiness and personal well-being. It’s a new school year, give yourself the gift of wellness.

When we are feeling our best, we can achieve so much. So what can you do to help you feel like your best self? There is good scientific proof to show that simple activities, such as acts of kindness and giving, meditating, yoga, walking, or taking part in an activity that you find therapeutic, can help to balance your mental state. When you feel more level-headed you will be in a better position to learn new things and absorb new information more easily. This is why we propose one daily give everyday to keep us healthy, happy and ready to learn! This simple giving practice will have you ready to learn at your very best!

Try these small giving acts and activities before a study session, or when the school day begins, and see how you feel. These 5 gives students can do in school or in remote classrooms will change the way you learn each and every day.

Donate School Supplies To Others

Make a fresh start for the season, by cleaning out your closet, desk, or workspace. Students who have a desk at home could try clearing their desk and make a pile of things they will no longer need. Perhaps there is a textbook that could benefit someone who is taking this class soon? Maybe you have art supplies that you no longer want or need? Extra coloured pencils or pens? We are all a bit challenged with our extra supplies this school year, so lets help out with our learning basics. If you have an extra mask or two, share with someone who does not have one.

Find a creative way to donate your extra study supplies. Make a poster for the school bulletin boards. Post on a school Facebook group, or social media page. Perhaps you could do some detective work and ask around to find a worthy recipient for your gifts!

Be An Ally For A Friend or New Student

School can be a breeding ground for negativity among students. We’ve all witnessed unkind words being spoken to others and probably experienced it ourselves. If we can follow the idea of treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves, how would we behave in these situations? Be kind to those who are struggling or feel  alone. Set an example to others by behaving in a loving and compassionate way towards everyone. It’s not an easy task, but this gift of every day kindness can spread love wherever you go.

5 Gives Students Can Do at School

Start a Virtual Study Group to Help Others (And Yourself)

Social interaction can be difficult when learning remotely, and even those going back to the school building can find it hard to make friends. Why not combine revision and friendship by creating an online study group for one of your classes. This give will encourage those who are a little shy and can help people who are having trouble with the learning materials. You can add this to your resume, as an example of a positive initiative, for when you get to a working age.

Ask Your Teacher If They Need A Hand

Our teachers, whether they are conducting classes online or in the classroom, have a lot to think about this school year. Between social distancing, computer glitches, internet connections, and washing hands, their day is full! Why not ask your teacher is there is one small thing you can do to make their class time a little bit easier. They might ask you to count how many students are in class, or ask that you fill the hand sanitizer bottle, or hang some important COV-19 signs around the classroom. This give could make all the difference for your teacher so they feel happier before class. Remember when you give, you feel happier and so does the person who receives your give!

Help Out Someone Whenever Possible

Want to hear a big secret? It can feel wonderful to help other people. Can you lend a hand to whoever is cooking your dinner? Bring in the groceries, mow the lawn, sweep or vacuum the floor, or clean the kitchen, without being asked? Or perhaps find a fun way to help a teacher out. The gift of giving can feel wonderful and getting creative with your gives will bring joy to your life.

Visit for examples of why giving can be so good!

Sarah Pryor
Sarah Pryor
Sarah Pryor is a British visual artist & graphic designer, living in Vancouver, Canada. Her motivation of promoting the benefits of behaving with kindness and compassion, brought her to volunteer at 365give. As she brings a love of colour and illustration to her graphic design, she brings the same passion to her writing for 365give. She is currently freelancing as a graphic designer. You can view her graphic design work on her website.

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