World Happiness Report Ranks Canada #7 in the world
The World Happiness Report Ranks Canada #7 – Happy Canada Day!
June 30, 2018
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Chocolate Giving Ideas – A Match Made in Heaven
July 5, 2018
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5 gives on one of the biggest holidays in the United States. How great is that!

But what does Independence Day, better known as the 4th of July, mean to Americans? Since it’s a national holiday, it’s a time for reunions, vacations and family/friends spending time together, but really it’s more than that. Independence Day in the United States marks the celebration of the Declaration of Independence, adopted on 4 July, 1776. The Thirteen Colonies of America declared themselves to be states and no longer part of the British Empire, though the revolutionary war continued for some time after.

Show Your Love For Your Country Using One of These 5 Gives

Today, the 4th of July is celebrated with firework displays and parties, which tend to be the most well-known activities associated with this day. All major cities have fireworks displays and there is also one given by the White House.

5 Daily Gives Celebrating the 4th of July – Independence Day

1) Show your support of our troops, veterans and military families by volunteering for a cause that benefits the military – you can find many organizations online that benefit the military who are always looking for volunteers. Volunteer for one that is near and dear to your heart.
2) Fostering a military pet for a military service man or woman while they are overseas serving for their country.
3) Blood donations – Troops are always in need of blood and what better way to give back than to spend some time at a blood bank!
4) Here is a favourite idea of mine because I’m a coffee lover – You can help an entire group of service men and women get a cup of coffee for only $2 so that they too can enjoy a cup of morning java where they are stationed. You can do this through visiting this website: – how awesome is that??
5) Giving thanks to the men and women in our own communities that put their lives on the line each and every day to save ours ie. firemen, police officers, EMS attendants. Just a simple “thank you for all you do” goes a long way and makes people feel appreciated for what they do every day to serve our communities and country.

There are so many other ideas, such as cleaning up around your neighbourhood, being mindful of the environment, ie. reducing waste, recycling, helping the less fortunate by spending some time in a soup kitchen. If someone you know is being bullied, stand up for them – it’s called justice and we are all created equal. Not one person is better than another. We need to treat each other with love and respect. Be kind to each other by smiling, say hi…please and thank you (yes, those words do still exist), hold the door for others, and just treat others the way you want to be treated…after all…it’s called common courtesy. In a country that pledges allegiance, what better way to show respect than to respect others?

The list goes on and on, as to what giving back can look like on July 4th in the United States. It’s not just about the fireworks, eating and drinking, but rather remembering who the forefathers were, acts of kindness, and helping others in need as well as being proactive in showing support and patriotism for one’s country of origin and being proud of your country and where you live/were born and raised.

John Cena has the perfect response to what America is all about – “Love has no label” – watch it now!

To our American neighbours – Happy Independence Day and God Bless America, now and always! Happy 4th of July!! Have fun and be safe! Sign up for your family or individual membership at 365give and start tracking your daily gives, beginning July 4th!

Patty Aldrich
Patty Aldrich
My name is Patty Aldrich, a mother of two boys, a pet parent to two miniature pinchers and a wife with full-time employment. I truly believe we are responsible to create the change we want to see in the world through our daily interaction with people, the planet and animals. 365give is near and dear to my heart. I volunteer with them to share simple giving ideas that create change in the world, one day, one give at a time. I have witnessed the power of giving with my family and within my work. Sharing these stories with you is what I love to do! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and be the change you want to see in the world!" Check out my Facebook Page at Happiness For All

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