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January 2, 2020
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January 8, 2020
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Happy Kings Day, El Dia de los Reyes! January 6 is a celebrated holiday all over the world and these gives that honor Kings Day will rock your world. In Spanish speaking countries it is Kings Day, in English speaking countries it is Epiphany. It celebrates the day the Three Kings visited Jesus and witnessed his baptism. Whether you are religious are not, this is a holiday worth acknowledging when completing your daily give on January 6th! My sister lives in Mexico and she always uses this holiday to inspire her daily give on January 6th. How? She buys a few Roscas de Reyes (Kings Cakes) and delivers large pieces to her neighbours and friends. She loves this ritual as part of her daily giving practice and her neighbours love it as well! There are smiles all around and people love their treat of the famous (and delicious) Kings Bread.

So how can you use this holiday to inspire your daily giving? We looked at the rituals of this holiday celebrated in Spanish speaking countries and New Orleans!! Yes others do celebrate this holiday, but these places are famous for their celebrations of Kings Day. Not familiar with the rituals? Celebrations begin on January 5th where children leave their shoes at the foot of Jesus’s manger in a nativity scene. In the morning, there are presents left for them by their shoes. A King’s Cake is always a part of the celebration where families share a large oval shaped cake. These rituals are what inspired our daily give ideas for Kings Day!

5 Gives Perfect for Kings Day

  1. Buy or cook a Kings Cake to share. Share pieces with friends, family or co workers. If you want to bake a traditional Mexican Rosca de Reyes use this recipe. If you would prefer the traditional New Orleans King Cake use this recipe. Portuguese communities bake a Bolo Rei.
  2. Give a child a small present. If you know a family who celebrates this holiday at home, small gifts can make their day. If you are traveling to Latin American or Spanish countries, or have a trip planned to New Orleans, find a present donation center for families in need or find a local organization that supports rural families during the holiday. You will be surprised how popular this holiday is once you start researching your location. Pack For a Purpose is a great place to start.
  3. Give the gift of shores in honor of this day. There are a few places you can donate shoes online. Soles4souls.org, Sal’s Shoes, or Shoe Aid.
  4. Share your favorite meal or snack on January 6th. If baking is not your thing, sharing food on January 6th is a great way to celebrate Kings Day.
  5. Kings Day is the last day of the holidays. Typically people take down their decorations and Christmas trees on this day. Make January 6th a planet give day and recycle your tree responsibly.

Be Inspired By Holidays for Your Daily Give

If you don’t celebrate these holidays, have no fear. Your daily give can still continue! Cultural holidays are a great way to inspire your daily giving ritual as you learn about world wide holidays and cultures. We love to use holidays like cookie day to inspire our giving, or National Hug Day and even the Chinese New Year to help us define our gives for the month. Daily giving inspiration comes from so many places, whether it be how you feel that day, the weather, or what is happening on the calendar. Use all of it to inspire your giving 365 days a year!

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Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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