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5 Planet Gives That Make You Happy and Changes the World

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These planet gives are easy, fun and will make both you and the planet happy! During the worldwide COVID lockdown, Earth saw dramatic differences in air pollution, water quality, and organism life. The planet was thriving while everyone did their part to stay home. The improvements showed that humans are slowly destroying the Earth, and it took a pandemic for us to see it. As we slowly start to transition to the new normal we must remember that we are in charge of maintaining Earth and the creatures that live on it. Here are five ways you can help make the world a better place by giving to the planet.

Recycle For Your Planet Gives

If you are not already, make sure to recycle. Sort your recyclables properly, and you will even get the money for the refundable items. If you are traveling, do not give up on recycling. Hold on to the bottle or whatever it is until you can find a proper way to recycle it. If you are already a pro recycler, try to go the extra mile and start a compost bin for greens or even search around for items that can not be recycled in a regular bin but at a recycling center. 

Decrease Plastic Bag Use – Again

Before COVID, many grocery stores were looking to get rid of plastic bags, but with the pandemic, they have gone back to using them due to many grocery stores not accepting reusable ones. Many stores are slowly easing back into welcoming reusables back into stores, but I recommend checking before your visit. If you also tend to use plastic bags for snacks, consider opting for reusable plastic bags or even containers you can use forever. 

Use a Water Bottle or Travel Mug When You Leave Your House

Leaving the house is such a treat these days. Make your outdoor trip even more special by using a water bottle or travel mug for your drinks. So many plastic water bottles are thrown into the ocean or onto the streets. Try opting for a water bottle or travel mug or if you have to use a one-use plastic bottle, recycle it properly. Like plastic bags, travel mugs are slowing being used again as we start to venture out. Check with the local coffee shop or take out place to ensure you can again use a travel mug for your drinks! 

Eat or Repurpose Leftover Food For Your Planet Give

Countless people around the globe do not have access to enough food. On the flipside, some people throw out their food without reason or without paying attention. Research ways to repurpose food that may reduce waste, such as making your croutons with stale bread or freezing fruit for consumption later. Find your creative ways to bring down food waste.  If you live in Canada (specifically Ontario) there are two new food apps that help us keep food waste down. Feedback is a restaurant app that offers end of day discount food and meals from local restaurants. To ensure not a single meal is wasted, you can purchase the end of day meals for a significant discount. Flashfood is for local groceries stores that offer produce and meats at a discount as they are just before their sell by date. Both apps are geared to location and will save these both retail and restaurant from going into landfill, while feeding people! Similar apps are now being offered in Europe and USA so find the app that works in your area and start saving great food from landfill!

Shop Sustainably & Locally

Look for clothing items that are sustainably sourced, and that will last a long time and not just end up in a landfill. Even better, you can try buying pre-loved or second-hand clothing. You can visit thrift stores and buy from online sellers and find some wonderful pieces of clothing. Many stores also have items made from recycled materials, which are even better!

These are just some ideas to inspire you, and if you are already doing some of these-you’re awesome and thank you for helping Earth. If you have other ideas that help make Earth a greater place to live feel free to share. Make sure to try one of these Earth gives and check out our other blog posts for planet gives  for even more ideas to help make the earth a better place.

Ava Sales
Ava Sales
Ava is a high school student who enjoys her volunteer position teaching children to read. She also enjoys spreading joy and inspiring others through her writing. She loves giving back to her community and found the 365give mission matched her values of being kind, generously serving community and giving to others. She hopes that during her time at 365give, she can inspire others to be a part of the 365give Challenge and help the organization reach more people.

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