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50 Gives to Start Off Your New Year – The 365give Challenge in 2020

50 Gives - 365give
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So, what’s on everyone’s resolution list this year? The usual… eat better or exercise more, both made reluctantly in hope of better health? Why not add a resolution to give back daily? Make a ‘new’ New Year’s Resolution that is easy to keep. Giving that is simple and easy is a guaranteed way to improve your physical and mental health. Most likely you are already giving back without realizing it. Here’s a list of 50 gives to start your new year  – 50 different ways that you can give and get you inspired.

Small Acts of Giving to Animals

50 Gives - 365give


  • Make a bird feeder to support wildlife
  •  Tell a pet you love them today
  •  Use products that have not been tested on animals
  • Keep our oceans clean to help sea life, use a biodegradable sunscreen
  • If you find an insect at home rescue it and put it outdoors
  • Donate vegan canned goods to your local food bank
  • Substitute beans and lentils for meat at dinner tonight
  • Plant flowers for bees in your garden or window sill
  • Make vegan cookies today
  • Take a walk around your neighbourhood with dog treats and water for strays
  • Make homemade dog treats and give them away
  • Provide water in your garden for the birds
  • Donate dog food to a nearby police K-9 unit
  • Sign an animal rights petition to help your favourite animal
  • Give blankets to an animal shelter
  • Find a GoFundMe campaign that supports animals and donate $
  • Thank a local Animal Shelter employee

Small Acts of Giving to People

50 Gives - 365give

  • Make a gift bag for a family in need and donate it to a local shelter
  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  •  Hold open the door for someone else


  •  Thank a teacher, manager or colleague for their help
  •  Help a senior today, take a walk, bring them coffee, or read to them
  •  Babysit for free for an hour or two today
  •  Return empty shopping carts to their proper place at the grocery store
  •  Shout-Out a local business on your social media account
  •  Bring in treats to your co-workers, friends or family
  •  Help a senior get on the bus
  •  Give someone your seat on the subway, train or bus
  •  Help a student with homework
  •  Buy lunch for someone
  •  Do an extra chore today that is normally normally else’s responsibility
  •  Post a motivational quote on social media
  •  Wash your friends or family members car (insert Carwash image from Canva)


Small Acts of Giving to the Planet

50 Gives - 365give


  •  Carpool with friends and family
  •  Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
  •  Unplug everything when travelling
  •  Donate your old cell phone
  •  Reduce your shower time to 3 minutes
  •  Donate three pieces of clothing you no longer used to a thrift shop
  •  Plant a fresh herb, a flower, an indoor plant or tree (insert bee image from Canva)
  •  Ride your bike, take public transit or walk to work today
  •  Use both sides of the paper before recycling it
  •  Take time to appreciate the sunset or sunrise today
  •  Pick up litter in a local park or community area
  •  Purchase items like toilet paper that are made from recycled paper
  •  Use a clothes line instead of your dryer
  •  Don’t use straws or plastic cutlery today
  •  Bring your old plastic bags back to the grocery store
  •  Use a reusable coffee cup when purchasing your morning coffee
  • Use environmentally friendly household cleaners


Keep The Happy in Happy New Year All Year Long

Happy New Year from all of us at 365give. May your 2020 be filled with love, health and happiness! Are you ready to make your ‘new’ New Year’s resolution? Sign up for a free 365give membership and start giving back daily.

Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur
Jas Kaur was born and raised in Canada and is of Punjabi heritage. She is a confessed Spiritual Junkie and strives to be a mindful parent to her son and daughter.

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