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September 21, 2020
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6 Animal Gives to Celebrate World Rabies Day

Gives to Celebrate World Rabies Day
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Ready to celebrate World Rabies Day with these animal gives? World Rabies Day has been established to raise awareness of one of the deadliest diseases in the world. An estimated 59,000 people die of rabies every year and 40% of those are children. The good news is that this disease is 100% preventable and your small acts of giving that target animal gives can help.

What is Rabies and How to Prevent It

Rabies is contracted primarily in poor rural communities in Africa and Asia.  99% of those affected by rabies contract the disease from a dog bite. With increased awareness and funding, we can control rabies in dogs and greatly reduce the fatality rate of this deadly disease in people. The World Health Organization (WHO) called for the elimination of rabies in 2015 with a campaign to vaccinate both dogs and at risk populations. Previously organizations hoped for control of the disease, but with more science and a vaccine for humans, we all will hope for the elimination of rabies not just control.

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control is an international non-profit that seeks to increase awareness of rabies vaccinations for dogs. They collaborate with communities and other organizations to vaccinate dogs against this disease. Its goal is to eliminate human death from dog rabies by 2030.

Help Control Rabies With Your Animal Gives

We can all do our part to help eliminate this deadly disease and the good news is that you can do it right from your home. Here’s some ideas for your daily animal gives that will get you started in decreasing incidences of rabies in local and international communities, small acts of giving that will safe lives.

Animal Gives to Celebrate World Rabies Day and Save Children

  1. Raise funds – the number one way to decrease rabies is to vaccinate all dogs – which requires funding. You can raise money for your local shelter or for the Global Alliance for Rabies control
  2. Tell your friends about World Rabies Day – raise awareness of this day. Use your social media, contact your friends and family and ask for their support of this important issue
  3. Volunteer – The Global Alliance for Rabies Control needs your remote help. They need graphic design help, translation assistance and other editing skills – all that you can do from the comfort of your home
  4. Give Locally – call your local animal shelter and ask them what they need – blankets, food, or animal cuddling. All our furry friends need some attention to keep our community safe
  5. Set up a fundraising event – set up an event to raise money for rabies control. Your event can be done virtually and would be a ton of fun. Encourage people to collect money through recycling,  returning bottles and cans, or donating their spare change. Open a GoFundMe Page so everyone can participate and not have to participate in person. Donate the funds to a local or international charity that focuses on rabies. Every little bit helps.
  6. Keep up with your pets rabies vaccines – make sure your dog, or dogs in your life, are vaccinated. Ask your friends and people you know if their dog is vaccinated and offer to help with funding if needed.


Elimination of Rabies

Controlling this deadly disease will happen if we all work together. Funding and public education that brings awareness are the keys to prevention and we can all do our part to give to the animals in our life and keep children around the world safe.  So many diseases in the world don’t have vaccines but this one does – we just need to get it to the dogs and people that need it. Your gives on World Rabies Day will go a long way to helping the goal of elimination by 2030.

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Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
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