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Do you want to have a positive environmental impact on our planet? When we face big challenges it can be hard to know where to start. Tackling climate change and environmental damage is one of those challenges. Do not fret my friends. Here at 365give we take baby steps every day to positively affect our planet, one day, one give at a time. You too can have an environmental impact with these giving suggestions.

I want to share a few simple ways we can give to the environment that focus on making small changes to our daily routines but add up to big (and positive) changes for the environment!

Host or Attend a Clothing Swap For Your Next Environmental Impact

Despite people’s efforts to donate their used clothing, over nine million tons of textile wastes end up in landfills every year, waste that can be reused or recycled. To add insult to injury, new clothing production uses approximately 1/3 of the worlds fresh water resources. Yikes!

A clothing swap is a great environmental give that addresses both issues; it reduces waste and lessens the demand for new production. One person’s trash really can be someone else’s treasure, and a major win for the environment.

Eat Sustainably – Reduce Meat Consumption

When we think Air pollution many of us consider cars, airplanes and factories to be the biggest polluters. But meat production is responsible for nearly 50% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Decreasing our meat consumption can help reduce greenhouse gases. You don’t have to swear of meat entirely but even a small reduction can have a huge impact!

From Trash to Treasure – Upcycling For a Positive Environmental Impact

This environmental give is my absolute favourite. If I see an old piece of furniture, I imagine how beautiful a new coat of paint or some eclectic new drawer knobs could be. Most of the furniture I own has either been given to me or literally found on the curb waiting to be picked up by local garbage workers. I have repurposed each piece and love that I saved pieces from landfill and decreased by use of natural resources This give is learning not to take more from the earth than we truly need nor put things into the earth that can be reused again and again.

If You Plant It They Will Come – Help Bee’s by Growing Wildflowers

Bee populations are declining and we can help stabilize pollinator populations (bees and butterflies) with this environmental give. Bees may be tiny but they are definitely mighty and play a critically important role in our food production!

North Americans live in a lawn culture. What we don’t realize is our properties could be contributing to bee populations by doing one simple thing. Planting wildflowers. Wildflowers are natural habitats for pollinator insects like butterflies and bees. Small wild flower gardens are super easy to plant (sprinkle seeds over loose soil in the spring) and require little maintenance. Mother nature takes great care of these flowers which are extremely beneficial for the environment. Not to mention, wildflowers are much prettier than plain old grass.

Buy Local and You Will Have an Environmental Impact

This is an obvious environmental give but worth mentioning. Buying local has so many benefits but keep these two huge benefits in mind. Buying local reduces our carbon footprint by reducing the distance products need to travel to the consumer, and helps local farmers and business owners, the backbone of many communities. One small give with twice the impact.

Just Say No to Plastic Straws – The Best Environmental Impact Today!

Plastic straws are polluting our oceans and harming marine life. They cant be recycled and are not biodegradable. But do you know what else they are? Absolutely unnecessary. Saying no to plastic straws is probably one of the easiest gives on this list. You can help save sea turtles and reduce ocean pollution with three small words: No thank you!

Get Outside and the Plant Will Leave an Impact on You!

We need to feel connected to feel compelled to act. Reconnecting to nature will increase our efforts to protect it and influence our choices. Similar to the response we have to giving, being in nature is shown to increase levels of happiness and reduce stress. Connecting with the outdoors shows us that by caring for the environment we are also caring for ourselves!

This list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the ways we can contribute to giving back to our planet. If you are inspired to start giving back to our environment or already do, sign up for 365give and inspire others with your environment give ideas!

Melissa Bates
Melissa Bates
Melissa is a social work graduate with a lifelong passion for advocacy and social justice. She knows that there is power in our choices and that in each action we take we have the ability to make the world a kinder, more compassionate place. Beyond these individual choices, Melissa believes that sharing stories of helping, giving and compassion will inspire others to do the same. Through her writing contributions to 365give she aspires to be a part of creating lasting positive change.

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