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9 Favorite Food Gives You Can Share With Co-Workers

food gives you can share
Share Happiness!

These food gives you can share are a great way to introduce giving at your place of work! If you are already giving at work with your colleagues, just add these fun food gives to the list. Unlike other food gives we have highlighted, these food gives are bit different. We want to make sure that we are including gives that address food insecurity, food availability, and access to fresh, healthy food. We never know what our co-workers might be experiencing in their personal lives. Expanding our food gives at work, beyond bringing in treats, is a great way to look after each other.

Share Local Grocery Store Food Coupons For Basic Pantry Items

I have to admit I do this all the time. When I find a good discount at the local grocery store either through an instore sale or a coupon, I share. Sharing discounts with others as a food give is a great way to help others out on decreasing their weekly food bill. Get a food coupon group going at work where anyone can share weekly specials or coupons. It could mean a difference between food on the table or food not on the table. Or it could help a family save on groceries so they can purchase other essentials for their family.

Have an Online Recipe Exchange

This again is a great way to help out with time management and food ideas. Many of us have had that day when we are out of ideas for dinner, or struggle to find something new for packed lunches. Sharing recipes will take the guessing game out of ‘what’s for dinner’ and help others cook at home instead of opting for a fast food take out night. During the pandemic recipe swapping and dinner images have become a norm for me and my foodie friends. I can now go to my chat and pull up a guarantee tested recipe that is easy for me to do when I am stuck for dinner ideas. Now that the kids are back to school swapping lunch ideas has been a life saver. These food gives you can share has now become a go to for me!

Share a Lunch – At School Or At Work

If you notice a co-worker stuck without a lunch for a few days in a row, surprise them with a lunch you brought from home. Teach your kids to do the same with a friend and send them to school with an extra lunch with the task to give it away to another student they know or might not know. Having a lunch brought to you that was made at home is a glorious way to give to someone else. There is a lot of love packed into a homemade lunch and sharing it makes that love spread around! It will also start sharing the gift of giving with your kids, which is always a great idea!

Baked Goods Day at Work

Okay, so we are going to throw in a baked goods day at work. If you are still working virtually, bake something up and share the images online so people see what you made for them! Even an image give can increase happiness as the intent is felt through your screen! If you are at work and can share your baked goods, how great is that! If having all those baked goods on one day is too much for your work space, move the give around each week, with one co-working bringing treats once a week, every week! You decide what is best for your work environment and start giving.

Cultural Food Day At Work

This used to be one of my favorite food days at work! Instead of a baked goods day, have a cultural food day where everyone brings in a dish made from a family recipe. The variety of food ends up being such a great treat, but the cultural lessons had by sharing food from other countries is the greatest give. None of us are traveling these days, though many of us would love to. Having a cultural food day is a great way to give to your co-workers. If you are working virtually, do the image sharing option as people will still experience the food give through images! Once you can be in person again, get ready for a grand buffet!

Food Gives You Can Share On Your Break

This food give can take a few forms. Buy a co-worker a coffee. Take a new co-worker out for a coffee. Bring a few extra snacks you can share with your regular coffee co-workers. Take the time to share your coffee with others. This can be done in person or virtually, so again do what you can. Taking a few minutes of your day to share in your coffee break will mean a lot to others. It says you see them, you care, and you want to spend some time with them, even if you feel you don’t have the time. It makes for a great give even if you just share 10 minutes.

Share Your Favorite Take Out Places

So some of us are take out people and prefer to eat take out. I know many people who either dont have the time to cook, or are not cooks. Share your favorite take out places with others so they too can share in your great experience. Shared recommendations are not only good for your pocket book (think of wasted lunches as the meal was just not what you had imagined it to be) but good for local businesses who have suffered over the last 18 months.

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Share Local Markets, Fresh Food Sources and Alternative Locations To Purchase Food

Fresh food markets can be pricey, they can also be hard to reach places. But there are some great city or online food boxes that have affordable fresh produce. Share where you purchase affordable fresh produce, be it a local market, an online farmers delivery service or a community garden that shares their harvest. All fo these options are a great way to stop food insecurity and food deserts. Not all services are expensive and not all markets are expensive. When we share food information with others, including which ones to avoid, it helps others source affordable food options, as well as plant the seed for better food options. When we make it a group experience, the probability of finding a good choice is much higher!

Host a Food Drive At Work

A food drive is always a good idea and can be done at work, or through a virtual drop off. During the height of the pandemic I think we all witnessed the long line ups at food banks, and the generosity of drive through food drives that helped local food banks. IF doing anything in person is not possible, donate grocery store gift cards so local food banks can purchase food, or local shelters can pass out certificates to those in need. Your creativity will make food donations meaningful and a great food give you can share through your work place and in your community.

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