Watch the TEDx Talk by 365give’s founder Jacqueline Way
to find out how we can all be happy by creating a habit of giving and kindness every day.


365give started as a personal parenting project between 365give founder Jacqueline Way and her 3-year-old son Nic. Like most parents, Jacqueline wanted Nic to grow up to be happy, healthy, kind, and compassionate. So, they started a family project that would change their lives and inspire others too!

The project was simple but powerful: they decided to give back to the world every day for 365 days. It had to be so simple a 3-year-old could do. A daily habit they could easily do every day to grow the good in them both.

Giving quickly became a daily habit just like brushing your teeth. It made Jacqueline and Nic feel happier, more connected, and more alive. They discovered that giving isn’t just a nice thing to do – it’s a way of living that brings joy and meaning to life.

Jacqueline created a blog to record their daily giving adventures together and called it “365give” — before long, Nic’s stories were inspiring readers from across the globe to start their own daily giving habit. The ripple effect of giving was spreading every day.

At the end of their 365 days of giving, a local elementary school teacher in West Vancouver approached Jacqueline to help bring 365give to her school. Together, they created an educational program called the “365give Challenge.”

It started with just 3 schools 2017, and today over 600 schools globally have participated in the CHallenge touching tens of thousands of children’s lives.

Today 365give is a global giving movement that’s changing the world. Jacqueline’s TEDX Talk went viral with over 7.5 million views inspiring millions globally to give.

As stated in the talk – 365give has only just begun. They know giving is possible for everyone because it all started with a 3-year-old. If everyone committed to a daily giving habit we could change the world in just one day. It was their simple mission then and still is today: “Changing the world one give, one day at a time. “Because we want a happier, healthier world for everyone.

Will you join us?


365give is a registered Canadian Charity with a vision
to change the world, one give, one day at a time.

An inclusive global giving movement, 365give empowers individuals of all backgrounds to develop a daily habit of giving to 3 categories: Animals, Planet, and People. Through our three-step 365give Challenge, individuals access the ideas and tools to give back, share their stories, and create a chain reaction of giving that spreads from person to person, mobilizing positive change both locally and globally.