Watch the TEDx Talk by 365give’s founder Jacqueline Way
to find out how we can all be happy by creating a habit of giving and kindness every day.


365give started as a personal parenting project between 365give founder Jacqueline Way and her 3-year-old son Nic. Like most parents, Jacqueline wanted Nic to grow up to be happy, healthy, kind, and compassionate. Developing the habit of giving while Nic was still a toddler made  sense — after all, isn’t learning the practice of generosity and creating positive change as important as learning to tie your shoes or brush your teeth?

The mom-son duo committed to giving back to the world every day for 1 year by completing daily giving activities simple enough for a 3-year-old to manage. Jacqueline created a blog to record their daily giving adventures together and called it “365give” — before long, Nic’s stories were inspiring readers from across the globe to start their own daily giving habit. They also both found that they felt happier. Soon they would understand how easy it is to be happy by giving

At the end of their 365 days of giving, a local West Vancouver educator, Sareh Donaher, approached Jacqueline to help bring 365give to her school and to the district. Together, they created an educational program called the “365give Challenge.” As of mid-2017, over 8000 students in 25 schools have completed 5000+ daily gives in the 365give Challenge. The students have contributed to over 50 charitable organizations both locally and globally through their volunteer work as well as raised thousands of dollars and hundreds of pounds of in-kind donations.


365give is a registered Canadian Charity with a vision
to change the world, one give, one day at a time.

An inclusive global giving movement, 365give empowers individuals of all backgrounds to develop a daily habit of giving to 3 categories: Animals, Planet, and People. Through our three-step 365give Challenge, individuals access the ideas and tools to give back, share their stories, and create a chain reaction of giving that spreads from person to person, mobilizing positive change both locally and globally.