Giving Ideas Shared On TikTok
Giving Ideas Shared On TikTok #kindness on purpose
March 25, 2021
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April 1, 2021
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April Gives Will Make You Happier Than One Day of April Fools

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These April gives will make the change in seasons so much fun! April is almost here! Although it has been a long year, as we move into this next month, this could be an opportunity for all of us to set new goals for ourselves that involve giving back in whatever way we can (big or small) with April gives. April Fool’s Day is usually one of the highlights of the month, but by trying out some April gives, there is even more to look forward to. With the current pandemic that has lasted over a year now, it is normal to still be feeling unmotivated and isolated, which is why making a positive difference through giving remains extremely important. The happiness and satisfaction that giving brings both others and ourselves is what can in fact keep us going amid this pandemic.

If you’re looking for giving inspiration, read on for a list of 15 April gives that will allow you to give back to your community, animals and the planet.

15 April Gives for April and Beyond

  1. Start growing your own fruits and vegetables.
  2. Donate gently used items to those in need. Habitat for Humanity accepts gently used furniture, appliances and other household goods.
  3. Animal give: Cut the straps off of face masks before disposing of them to help ensure that sea birds and wildlife do not get entangled in them.
  4. Take care of yourself and your mental health – giving back to yourself during this time is just as important as giving back to others.
  5. Volunteer for a local charity remotely or in person.
  6. Stay connected with friends and family (virtually or in person if COVID restrictions allow).
  7. Reduce your plastic use.
  8. Donate to an environmental charity like World Wide Fund for Nature or One Tree Planted
  9. Shop local to support local businesses.
  10. Avoid fast fashion by shopping at thrift stores or buying clothing items from environmentally conscious brands in honor of Earth Day (April 22nd).
  11. Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs to save energy (LED lights).
  12. If you are a pet owner or animal lover, donate items such as pet food, toys, cleaning supplies, towels or leashes to your local animal shelter.
  13. Donate to a local food bank or thrift store.
  14. Wash your laundry in cold water to save energy and reduce your environmental impact.
  15. Bike or take the bus to work or school.

Try out a few of these April gives this coming month – Use one of these ideas, or get inspired and come up with your own gives to share with friends, family and your community. Make giving your goal for the month of April, or go even further by making it a year-long resolution.

Find more giving ideas at 365give, and participate in #Do1Give Day  on April 21st!

Sierra Lee
Sierra Lee
Sierra is a Canadian student who is passionate about volunteering, writing and dancing! As a contributor to our weekly articles, Sierra is fulfilling her desire to combine her love for writing with her passion for volunteering. Her volunteering experience is extensive and includes activities at her local library, assisting with social media promotion, sharing cultural experiences with a local organization and participating in a Youth Justice Lab. She will be starting a new volunteer program this fall that has her participating more in her community to further meaningful change at the local level.

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