Benefits of the 365give Challenge


Benefits of the 365give Challenge
  • Improves academic performance
  • Provides students with a sense of ownership in their educaton
  • Increases positive social behaviour
  • Instills compassion and empathy
  • Encourages communication and collaboration
  • Develops lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills with solution-focused outcomes
  • Promotes a sense of Global Citizenship
  • Reduces bullying & violence
  • Decreases emotional stress and increases optimism
“Changing the world just makes you happy.”

Student Participant in the 365give Challenge


Benefits of the 365give Challenge
  • Integrates and enhances daily class curriculum  for teachers
  • Embraces the core competencies outlined by the Ministry of Education
  • Teaches critical thinking, communication, and personal & social skills
  • Enriches collaboration skills and creativity
  • Provides tools that incorporate key learning strategies
  • Inspires participants to perform at their best
  • Engages participants and motivates them to take initiative
  • Encourages positive behaviour
  • Improves the climate in class, at home, and in other group settings
  • Empowers all members to participate
Benefits of the 365give Challenge
“What I liked about the program was that the kids got to work on real projects rather than just made-up scenarios which resulted in tangible benefits to the community. This allowed them to apply the skills they are learning in class to real-life settings which makes learning more fun and easier to understand. Giving to others in need and volunteering your time should be part of our everyday living and responsibility as good citizens.”

Teacher in the 365give Challenge

Benefits of the 365give Challenge


Benefits of the 365give Challenge
  • Builds a positive culture at school, home and in other group settings
  • Celebrates and integrates community involvement
  • Nurtures inclusiveness, respect, pluralism, and a sense of belonging among diverse groups
  • Effects positive impact among local and global communities
  • Encourages participants to work together and helps them feel a sense of connection with each other and their community
“It was great to see the 365give Challenge awaken an interest in my son. He spoke enthusiastically about his projects and I believe they got him thinking of issues he might not otherwise have addressed until later in life. I wish I had something like this when I went to school.”

Parent of participant in the 365give Challenge

Benefits of the 365give Challenge


Benefits of the 365give Challenge
  • Inspires your children to become changemakers
  • Encourages parental participation in their children’s leadership learning
  • Provides a common activity for family members
  • Generates a positive and active home environment
  • Assists children in creating positive environments outside of their homes
  • Helps families become active participants in their community
  • Involves simple activities that take just a few minutes that are appropriate for all ages
This has truly been a wonderful experience for all our family members. Not only did it get us deeper into our community, but our sons and daughters introduced the 365give Challenge into their schools. Truly a wonderful experience that we continue to engage in every day.

Wells Family


Benefits of the 365give Challenge
  • Boosts employee engagement
  • Generates a positive community image
  • Maintains a positive company culture
  • Increases creativity
  • Increases overall employee happiness
  • Builds employees’ sense of pride
  • Promotes team building and collaboration
  • Creates a common company goal
  • Increases employee work performance
Benefits of the 365give Challenge