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Book Swap Giving Ideas You Can Do at School

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Book swap giving ideas are some of our very favorite gives! Fostering a love to learn first starts in the classroom. Learning and sharing knowledge with one another are one of the ways we can give to others as well – teaching your fellow grandparents how to use their smartphones or offering up your time to tutor others.

We can learn a lot from conversations or watching YouTube videos but another way we can learn is through reading! A wonderful give that can also help to foster this love for learning is through book swaps.

Book swaps essentially are when you trade a book for a book. This can vary from genres, topics and length and book swaps can have immense benefits in promoting the flow of knowledge but also encourage relationships between your fellow peers through sharing the various interest each one of them has.

Here are just a few book swap giving ideas you can host at your schools – each with its own unique focus.

Book Swap Within the Classroom

Invite each of your students to bring one of their favourite books – this can be from their own personal collection or borrowed from the library. Splitting the class into groups, have each of the students switch their books brought in with their peers by rotating amongst themselves in their own groups. Then each week or every two weeks, they would trade books with another peer from their group.

Not only does this expand their exposure to different books but this will also allow your students to get to know one another and their own interest through the books they brought in. This is a wonderful book swap idea to do each semester, where groups can be changed every other month to allow each student to mix and mingle with their peers.

Create Mini Libraries For Your Book Swap Give

To expand the reach and accessibility of books, you can have designated areas around the school and classroom where students can leave their books to share with their classmates free for them to take and read and then return it to the mini library once they are done. This will expand the accessibility of books to the students beyond the library but also try to evoke more curiosity and interest in reading by having these mini libraries placed around the school.

Host A Reading Challenge – Book Swap Giving Ideas Edition

Challenges are a great way to encourage and motivate students to achieve their goals. So, why not have a reading challenge but it’s a book swap edition? This would get students to read as many books as they can and swap with as many students as possible during a term. To keep track you can create little placard for the student to hold onto to note the different students they have swapped with and the different books they have read. This will not only encourage students to read more but also encourage them to share and approach their fellow peers.

Hold A Library Book Swap Day

Lastly, a generalized book swap hosted by the library can help to grow the collection at your local school. Each student will be given a ticket for every book they bring in on that day. These tickets will allow the students to take a book from the book swap pile – one book for another book.

These four book swap giving ideas are wonderful ways to introduce the habit of reading in your school while also fostering this habit of giving and sharing amongst their peers which can help to increase the sense of community within the student body.

This is a specific give regarding the topic of reading but there are many other fun and wonderful gives that can be done in schools. For more information and ideas on how you can be giving back and for more ideas on fun school events, check out 365give.  Giving can change the world one give at a time. These book swap giving ideas are just the beginning!


Nichole Goh
Nichole Goh
I am currently pursuing an Honours undergraduate degree in Sociology that nurtures my passion for mental health and mental health advocacy. Aside from school and volunteering, I have a love for desserts, films and music of various genres and eras. I hope to be able to continue working to give back to others and reaching out to those who might too afraid to ask for help.

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