Use These Giving Ideas – People To Change the World

These giving ideas – people will have you looking for unique and free ways to give back. Why is giving important? By completing one small give every day we change how we feel and how others feel. We literally activate our happy hormone and feel happier after the give. When you complete one of our giving ideas – people will start to pass the give forward and give to others as well. The ripple effect of giving will pass to more and more communities making our world a happier place.

So what is a good people give? Smile at people, hold open the door, help someone put their groceries into their car, assist a senior across the street. If you are at school, play with someone new on the playground. If you are at work, thank a colleague for their help. A great people give at home would be to help a sister or brother complete their chores without being asked.

Giving can help people, the planet and animals. What is important is to remember to give.

March 27, 2023
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