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September 2, 2018
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Happy World Charity Day! Charities are important in our world of giving because they have become major givers to people in need. It is a charity’s job to figure out where money and manpower is needed the most, and to collect the money and materials that will get the job done. Once they have done that, the charities are in charge of giving everything that has been donated to the right people.

To celebrate World Charity Day, let’s see where small $5 gives are very useful, and which charities can help us get our $5 to the people who need it.

A Small Give for a Healthier World

A country or community where there is poor water quality would greatly benefit from a $5 give. Think of how nice it is to walk to your sink, turn on the tap, and get yourself a glass of water. Some people are not that lucky. Instead they are stuck with a long walk to an unclean river so that they can drink water. Unclean drinking water is deadly. A study that was done by the World Health Organization found that bringing clean water to a rural village in need can reduce mortality rates by roughly 21%. Given that charities like Water of Life, who focus on bringing clean water to communities in need, estimate that $5-$10 can bring clean water to one person for a whole year. This is a great way to spend your $5 give.

A country where preventable diseases are left untreated, could also be a good place to send your $5 give. Countries like Cameroon, Kenya, Sudan, and India are still dealing with threats of malaria – a disease carried by mosquitos which could be prevented with the simple use of a bug net. Some countries are dealing with the problem of malaria and other health problems like little or no access to vitamins or simple medicines. Things like vitamins and bug nets are not expensive, and charities like the Against Malaria Foundation and Helen Keller International could take a $5 give and change someone’s health for life.

The Gift of Cash

Sometimes, a $5 give may not come in the form of a bug net, or a clean water well. Sometimes it is important to give people who are living in poverty exactly what they need – money. It is important to remember that people who need money know what they need money for. Giving to a country where the average person makes less than $2 per day, a $5 give could go a very long way.

Charities like GiveDirectly or the No Lean Season project by Evidence Action give money directly to the people who live below the poverty line and give them the freedom to decide how they need to spend the money.

A $5 financial give could also help someone short-term. Somewhere where there has recently been an environmental or social disaster (earthquake, civil war, refugee crisis, etc.) is also be a good place to send your $5 give. Charities like the Red Cross will usually set up text donation options, to make it easy to send a small give that will have a big impact. After an earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, this method of giving was very important to the immediate help given to the people affected. These gives are important because they are needed quickly, so any amount of money will be helpful to the people living in the crisis zones.

Giving Back to Furry Friends

Animal lovers could consider donating to a place where endangered species are being threatened. There are a lot of countries where poaching and hunting is still a huge problem for animals like tigers, rhinos, and elephants. Giving $5 to a charity like Tigers4Ever would help wildlife reserves like the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in India stop poachers from setting traps, helping the tigers walk the jungle freely.

We love hearing about different charities and their causes! Let us know which charity you love donating to and send us a blog post! Part of what we do is share worthwhile organizations with our membership.

Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline has a degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa and is completing her postgraduate work in International Development at Humber College. Her passion for helping others coupled with her volunteer and educational pursuits has taught her the importance of giving. She believes that the power of giving will help create peace and happiness in communities. Some of Jacqueline’s favorite gives are paying for a stranger’s coffee, holding a door open for some she does not know, or smiling at everyone as she goes about her day. She hopes her daily giving continues to improve her surroundings and inspire others to give every day.

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