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Classroom Give This Week – Give to Your Teacher

Give to Your Teacher
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Giving to your teacher is a give that is near and dear to my heart because I grew up as the daughter of a teacher and having a “teacher Mom” is definitely insightful. Give to your teacher is a great random act of kindness that will make both of you feel great!

Teachers are such an important part of every society, and it is important that we do not take them for granted. As a student, and as the parent of a student, something that is easily forgotten is that teachers are people outside of school. My lovely Mother would go from a full day of working with kids in the classroom to coming home and dealing with more kids in her home. As much as I would like to believe that I was an easy child to raise, I can only imagine that there were days where my poor Mom had enough of kids by the time she came home, only to hear me whining about not liking her tuna casserole (I was not, in fact, the easiest child to raise). Teachers give us so much every day, whether they’re giving us knowledge, support, their time, or a friendly smile. So today, let’s give back to them to show them how much we appreciate what they do!

Oh, Behave!

Probably one of the easiest ways that we can give to our teachers is by being on our best behaviour! Listen when the teacher is talking, be polite when you’re talking to your teacher (please and thank you!), and make sure that you follow all of the rules of the classroom. This way, not only will you have a happier teacher (who may be more likely to plan fun activities!), but if everyone is on their best behaviour then there is more time in the classroom to spend learning new things. Speaking from experience, I have always found that teachers are more likely to do a fun science experiment or a cool art project if all of the students in class are following all of the rules and being respectful to everyone in the classroom.

You could even go above and beyond by offering to help clean up the classroom after lunch, stacking chairs at the end of the day, or wiping down the chalkboard at recess!

Do Your Homework – It’s a Give to Your Teacher

Trust me, I’ve been in school for 18 years, so I know that homework can be no fun at all. But sometimes homework is just something that needs to get done so that you can learn as much as possible over the schoolyear. Making sure that you get your homework done – and you get it done on time – is just the best way to handle homework. If there is one thing that I learned from my Mom growing up, it’s that teachers won’t assign homework unless they think that it is the best way for you to learn what they are teaching.

Show Them You Care – That Is a Give To Your Teacher

Showing your teacher that you care can come in many different forms. Whether that’s a physical gift (my Mom says she loves receiving a donation in her name, or a nice bottle of wine), opening the door for them, writing them a nice card or creating a piece of artwork for them to hang on their wall, anything that reminds them that you appreciate all of the work they put into helping you learn is a great way to give!

Another way that you can say thank you to your teacher is just by keeping up with them! Ultimately, they are in the profession because they love to help others learn and succeed at what they do. Keeping in contact with them, sharing your stories of success, and discussing stories that relate to the content that they are teaching is a great way to remind them why it is so important for them to keep doing what they’re doing.

Of course, teaching is the job of the teachers in your classroom, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t say thanks! Teachers put so much work into making activities, classes, lectures, assignments, and anything that they do in the classroom the best than it can be for you. I have seen my Mom stay up much later than me in order to put together a cool game for her class that will teach them a fun way to remember the Provinces of Canada. As is the case with people in all professions, saying thank you is a small gesture that can go a very long way!

Are you loving your 365give Challenge? Get your entire class to sign up for a classroom membership and start posting your group impact on the website. Show other schools you care by participating in The 365give Challenge this school year! You might just find that other classrooms join in and start their own giving challenge when they see how much you are having.

Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline Gilchrist
Jacqueline has a degree in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa and is completing her postgraduate work in International Development at Humber College. Her passion for helping others coupled with her volunteer and educational pursuits has taught her the importance of giving. She believes that the power of giving will help create peace and happiness in communities. Some of Jacqueline’s favorite gives are paying for a stranger’s coffee, holding a door open for some she does not know, or smiling at everyone as she goes about her day. She hopes her daily giving continues to improve her surroundings and inspire others to give every day.

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