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Complete a Give For A Sibling #NationalSiblingDay

Share Happiness!

Happy #NationalSiblingDay! This is a great day to schedule your daily give for a sibling. Choose one sibling or pick all of them. I have five siblings and will do one give for each one! What is most important is to schedule a give that honors the relationship you have with a sibling. If you are an only child, find someone who feels like a sibling!

According to Dr. Terri Apter, author of ‘The Sister Knot’, siblings may not always agree or even like each other, but they elicit a great interest in each other that is difficult to replicate in any other relationship.

So what are some good gives specific for your sibling? Due to your unique relationship, your give may be just as unique. Think of something that would be perfect for you sibling, something that shows you know them, you see them, and you care for them. Our sibling giving ideas as just ideas. Use them to inspire sibling gives that would be meaningful for both of you!

Give Your Sibling A Hug

We forget sometimes to hug our family. Use your give to hug, in person. You might get a funny reaction if you and your sibling are not big huggers, but a hug is a great give! This give assumes that you live with or close to your sibling. If you live in different cities, an emoji text hug would work, with happy #nationalsiblingday added to the message. All of my siblings live far away from me so an online emoji hug is an option!

Complete a Task For Them

Does your sibling have a regular household chore they are responsible for? Do they need help with their homework? Is your sibling a bit overwhelmed with their day to day life and could use an hour of your time? Babysitting, dog walking, help in their kitchen or help in the garden. Your unique relationship will help you identify the right task that could be a wonderful give today. If you are unsure, just ask. Tell your sibling you are happy to do something for 30 minutes, or an hour, that would help them out.

Do An Activity Together That They Enjoy

How many times have your tossed a coin in order to decide who gets to do their favorite activity? How many times have you convinced your sibling to come along for the ride on an activity that YOU enjoy. This give is all about doing an activity with your sibling that THEY enjoy. It could be watching their favorite movie, or going for a walk in their favorite local park. Maybe they love to shop, or browse certain stores. Let them choose and join them happily in that activity.

Tell Them You Are Grateful For Them!

Send a card, a text, a letter, an email…Or post something on social media. Tell Your sibling why you are grateful for their friendship, their support, that they are your sibling! Countless studies have shown that gratitude can bring a variety of physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits. It helps us appreciate all the positive elements of our lives and the people in it. National Sibling Day is a great day for gratitude for your sibling. (or in my case siblings) Both of you will feel great after you share your gratitude!

Bake or Make Their Favorite Food

Now this always makes me happy. Baking and cooking brings happiness to me every time I enter the kitchen. Whether I am cooking for my kids, a friend, my spouse or in this case my sibling, I have to say the kitchen is my happy place. The joy I feel when I bake or make a special dish I know is someone’s favorite just fills me with happiness. I have to admit, just thinking about this makes me happy! So if the kitchen is a favorite place of yours, start making or baking!!

Call Your Sibling for #NationalSiblingDay

Pick your platform – Whats App, Zoom, the telephone app, Microsoft Teams, skype or Facetime.  A phone or video call is special. We rely so much on text messages that a phone seems almost foreign in this day and age. By phoning, by having a real time conversation, you can listen, you can contribute and and talk with your sibling on #NationalSiblingDay.

Make Your Give To Your Sibling Fun!

Most important make your give to your sibling fun. Giving to others does increase your happiness, gives a positive boost to  your well-being and brings joy. The bonus – the receiver, and any observers will also have these benefits of giving! It is the trifecta of giving that changes the world, one give, one day at a time.

Looking for more giving ideas? Dig into our giving ideas and see which give is best for your sibling. Once you start giving it is hard to stop, so use these ideas everyday to keep yourself and others happy!


Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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