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Daily Gives That Guarantee A Smile

Daily Gives That Guarantee A Smile
Share Happiness!

What the world needs now is daily gives taht guarantee a smile. Have you noticed that you can see a person smile even if they are wearing a mask? I am not sure if you are mandated to wear a mask in your country or area. I have noticed in our community that you can still see a smile when people are wearing a mask. That makes me happy, and makes the world feel like a happier place. Once I discovered this while out shopping, I decided to do as much as I could to see people smile. That day I completed more gives than I would normally, but it was all worth it! When I made an effort to do something that would make other people smile as I completed my essential chores, being out in pubic was a much more enjoyable experience. I felt like we were all human again, and felt happy.

Here are some of the daily gives I completed while doing essential shopping in our community. What was a bit fearful before became a joyful experience. Instead of walking around the store with my head down and afraid to look anyone in the eye (don’t you find this is kind of how we all feel when we are grocery shopping or going into public spaces) I decided to give for a few hours as I was out in public spaces.

Smile First- Just Smile At People

I decided to smile. I smiled behind my mask and let my eyes light up as though I was not wearing a mask. I found that people smiled back when I started to smile. We maintained our social distancing, we did not come into contact, we did put ourselves in any unsafe space. We just smiled. And people did smile back!

Let Someone Go Ahead of You In Line

Line ups seem to be the new normal. This I have noticed. Some people are okay in lines, some are not. I continue to let people go ahead of me in line and they smile back. Big smiles! Their smile did make me smile. And we all felt just a bit better. No matter what kind of line you may be standing in, letting someone in is a great give. The smile you will get in return makes it all worthwhile.

Hold a Door Open For Someone Else

Even in this day and age we can hold a door open safely as we socially distance. Just open the door, and stand behind it as others walk in. This gesture will give you a big smile as we have not been opening doors for each other over the last few months. Car doors can be opened for family members, the front door of your house can be held open for mom or dad or siblings. This simple gesture will reward you with a big smile from the person walking through!

Pay For The Person Behind You In The Drive Through

In North America we are becoming the drive thru culture. Curbside Pick up is becoming a normal way to shop as we try to open up our stores and still social distance. Why not ask the cashier in the drive thru window if you can pay for someone’s bill. Tell them your budget and I am sure they can find a customers bill that will match it. This give will make a persons day. It was a great give last year and will be a great give this year. If you are ordering food online, buy an extra meal, or an extra coffee and let the business know they can give away the extra you have purchased. They will know exactly the best person to give that free coffee or meal to. The smile from the business and the person that receives your give makes this a smile [squared] give!

Send a Thank you or Gratitude Note

Send a paper note, a virtual note or a text. Address the note to a stranger, a person you know or a family member. It is time we remember our  “Ps and Qs” as my parents used to say when I was a kid, and now is the time to share those thank yous. Was someone kind to you during your isolation period? Did someone help you out when you felt overwhelmed during the last few months? Have you recalled a person who has given you the strength to get through the last few months? Send them a thank you. This virtual give will have you receive a virtual smile.

Lets keep the world smiling! Try out these daily gives that guarantee A smile. Log your daily gives on our Impact Map so we change the world one day at a time. Sign up for your free membership at 365give and lets start giving!

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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