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Daily Gives That Support Human Rights Day

Celebrate Human Rights Day with These daily gives
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On December 10th, we celebrate Human Rights Day, the day that marks the adoption of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human Rights Day is celebrated internationally, and today, the global community commemorates the fundamental rights and freedoms established by the Declaration’s 30 Articles. From civil and political rights to social and cultural freedoms, this document outlines the continuous relevance of human rights on a universal level.

As we acknowledge the rights and freedoms we are entitled to, this can also be an opportunity to give by supporting human rights: the ultimate way to celebrate this international holiday. These daily human rights gives can be used today in honor of Human Rights Day, and on any day of the year.

Human Rights Daily Give – Know Your Rights

Knowing the rights and freedoms you and others are entitled to is key in order to ensure that they are being upheld and respected. Knowing our rights allows us to speak up when we recognize that they are being obstructed, protect ourselves and others from mistreatment and ensure that our basic and fundamental needs are being met. Educate yourself by reading the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Speak Out About What You Care About Is A Daily Give

Take action by speaking out about social issues and human rights injustices that are important to you. Doing so allows us to give to our local and global communities by defending the rights of others. Generate awareness through social media, write a letter to policy makers (like your local government), or simply find small ways in which you can make your voice heard that are just as effective. Using your voice by educating others about human rights is also a great way to take action.

Donate to a Global Organization

Donate to a global organization that works to support and protect human rights such as UNICEF and Amnesty International.

Choose Fair Trade And Support Human Rights

Look for fair trade products to add to your cart when shopping for groceries and other items like clothes. Look out for the green and blue FAIRTRADE mark on certain products from the FairTrade Foundation, and search for Fair Trade labels on products like bananas, coffee, chocolate and tea.

Buying fair trade products means supporting workers’ rights, ensuring that the producers of the products you grab from the shelf are provided with proper working conditions and pay.

Volunteer To Support Human Rights For Your Give

Support human rights by getting involved in your local community through volunteering – whether it’s on location or virtually from home. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter or with an organization that works to support human rights. VolunteerMatch is a great resource for locating volunteer opportunities. Type in your location and add a key word (like “human rights”), or select “Advocacy & Human Rights” as your cause area.  You can also use the website’s “Organizations” feature to find organizations in your area that offer volunteer opportunities.

Global human rights organizations also often have their own volunteer opportunities that allow you to further support human rights and make an impact on a global scale.

Use These Daily Human Rights Gives to Make an Impact

Try out one of these human rights gives to commemorate Human Rights Day, or to support human rights daily. Giving to support human rights can be extremely meaningful and impactful given the importance of this cause. Start small, and if human rights is an area you are passionate about, continue to make change and start brainstorming more giving ideas.

If you are interested in learning more about giving and happiness, check out 365give.



Sierra Lee
Sierra Lee
Sierra is a Canadian student who is passionate about volunteering, writing and dancing! As a contributor to our weekly articles, Sierra is fulfilling her desire to combine her love for writing with her passion for volunteering. Her volunteering experience is extensive and includes activities at her local library, assisting with social media promotion, sharing cultural experiences with a local organization and participating in a Youth Justice Lab. She will be starting a new volunteer program this fall that has her participating more in her community to further meaningful change at the local level.

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