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Daily Giving Inspiration – Easy Under $5 Online Gives

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We love the occasional $5 give. Clicking online when you are in a rush, and donating $5 to someone or an organization just helps us keep our happiness quota going. Over the years we have found some really interesting $5 giving options. So if you are ready, here they are. Use this page as a resource for your $5 gives. Many of these pages are crowdfunding sites that lets you pick a planet, animal or person give easily. We have also included international crowdfunding sites for our international members!

A $5 Give Can Go A Long Way

GoFundMe – This is a crowdfunding site for not for profits and individuals. Randomly selecting a person or organization is easy.
Amazon Smile – For our US members, Amazon Smile is a great way to donate to your local charity when shopping on Amazon. Pick a charity first on the Amazon Smile site and start shopping. Amazon donates .5% of your purchases to the charity of your choice. Note: the charity has to be a member of Amazon Smile.
Canada Helps – For our Canadian members, Canada Helps is a donations website where people can choose from charitable organizations, individuals, and crowdfunding drives. All funding options are within Canada.
Global Giving – If you are hoping to make a global difference with your $5, look at the options on Global Giving. Choose a country or a need and donate.
Kickstarter – Your $5 give can go towards innovation! Find $5 campaigns on Kickstarter and help an entrepreneur with their innovative idea.
Reforestation Patagonia – If you love planet gives this $5 give just might be for you. Plant a tree with Reforestation Patagonia. You will be helping the planet and adding to your list of planet gives.
High Five to 365give – Yes, your $5 can help our mission to inspire people to change the world, one give, one day at a time. Donate today and help us change the world.
How easy are these online gives for under $5! Giving every day is easy. These $5 gives completed once a month helps others without breaking the bank. When you use crowdfunding platforms your small donation goes a long way! If everyone gave $5 once a month, the world would be a happier place.

Curious how giving $5 can make you happier and change the world? Read about our Happiness Research and how giving every day makes you and others happier!

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