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February 1, 2011
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February 3, 2011
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Day 126: Environmental Art: Be Creative with your Kids and Help Save the Planet

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Have you ever taken the time to look around you and find the beauty in the “garden waste” Mother Nature leaves behind. My son and I do most days. I taught him to stop and smell the flowers before he could walk. I wanted him to have an appreciation for the planet and all the everyday miracles it provides. I have a favourite song by Sarah McLachlan called Ordinary Miracles from the movie Charlotte’s Web. It’s a good reminder to remember to appreciate and be grateful for even the simplest things like flowers and rain.

Today we are working on a gift for my husband’s 50th birthday. Nicolas and his Grandmother ( a great artist) have taken an environmental angle on a piece of art to give to Dad for his birthday.

Give 126: Day 126

We are on the verge of spring here in Vancouver. Apologies to the rest of Canada! The trees have buds just poking from the ends of the branches and the first early crocuses are up. Since I am originally from Ontario I appreciate every piece of green grass growing in January. I have been known to jump up and down cheering at the first sight of the tulip buds poking their heads up through the ground.

I am now passing that appreciation to my son. I believe if I take the time to teach my son about the planet and give him the appreciation for all living things, plant or animal, he will “be the change.” He will want to pass this appreciation on to friends, classmates, and his own children one day.

GIVING can be as simple as teaching a child. If we take the time to GIVE our children the understanding of the planet and why we need to take such great care of it, the world will be a better place. The planet needs us! Parents, teachers and caregivers need to GIVE our kids the lessons to help keep our planet healthy. The lessons that will transcend their lives and make them “tree huggers” without every thinking about it. It will become their way of life naturally.

Make it fun. Make some environmental art and incorporate the lesson!

Time Commitment: A life time worth of teaching

Cost: 0 Mother Nature’s left overs are free!

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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