Day 303: Give Gifts That Change the World
August 4, 2011
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August 7, 2011
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Day 305 : 5 Ways Your Company Can Give

Ways Your Company Can Give - 365give
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How does your company give back? There are so many ways your company can give back, but employee driven giving is so meaningful.

Are you eco-friendly in your office? Do you have a charity you support as a team?

Do you volunteer to make a difference or do you do nothing at all?

I recently had the opportunity to chat with the owner of a company called RIO POP that was founded on the principle of giving back.

Day 303: Give 303

“We started ROI Pop because we saw an overwhelming need for our types of services in the nonprofit world and we have the skills to fill this need.  That is the business side of it.  For me personally it is much greater than that.  Everyday, and I mean everyday I take a few moments to think about how fortunate I am to a have been given an incredible life.  I worked hard for it as well, but the foundation that I was given made the rest possible.  As you and I both know many are not as fortunate and that is what motivates me to make things just a little bit better.  The rest of my team feels the same way, we are believers in what great nonprofits do for our world.  We want to work with the ones that matter and are truly committed to their cause.  When ROI Pop is all done we want to be able to say we mattered, we made a significant difference, someone is better off because we took the time to care.  If we can do that then we can say it was a success!  In the short time that we have been operating we are already seeing signs that we will be successful, so that is exciting.” quoted by ROI Pop Founder Brant Claussen.

Brant and I have a similar mission with our businesses. As much as we wanted to start our own company and make a living from what we love to do we wanted to give back to our community and the world at the same time. We all have to make money to pay the bills but what if your company could give at the same time. Brant and his team at RIO Pop are doing just that – changing the world with their expertise and skill. Not only is their focus on helping not-for-profits (NFP) understand and maximize their exposure in the world of social media (most NFP organizations cannot afford to have a person on staff that specializes in this) but they have chosen 2 worthy organizations that are creating great impact in the world to support. RIO Pop just awarded grants valuing $50,000 in services to help bring awareness and funds to two great organizations.


“The grant awards consist of ROI Pop’s professional internet marketing services including pay-per-click advertising management and online strategy development. Drop in the Bucket and Healthy Child Healthy World are both highly-deserving nonprofits with strong foundations of demonstrated effectiveness in creating positive outcomes for the children they serve, and raising awareness to their respective causes. ROI Pop’s Grants will serve to increase their website traffic and click-through rates there-by increasing their online visibility and fundraising efforts.” states Brant.


My hope is that buy shedding light a new company who’s mission it is to help others it will inspire you to do something in your company to give as well. You don’t have to own the company to get a philanthropic initiative started. If you want to “Be the Change you See in the World” talk to your boss and your co-workers and get a program of your own started at work.

Here are 5 ways you can ensure the company you work with is philanthropic:

1) Join a company that has philanthropy at the fore front of their business mission.

2) Approach the company you work for to match a donation made by employees to a designated charity.

3) Ask our boss to start a volunteer program during work hours so each of the companies employees have the opportunity to volunteer 1 day a year with pay.

4) Do pro-bono work for a charity with the skills you can offer within your company.

5) Instead of giving to each other for birthdays and holidays choose a charity that money will go to instead – use the Ethical Giving approach.

What is your company doing to give back?

Have you done something to start a giving revolution at work?

Share you story with us and let’s inspire corporations around the world to bring philanthropy into the work place.

Whether it’s money or expertise we all have the power to do something. Being philanthropic at work is easy but someone needs to step up and take the lead. Will it be you?

Time Commitment: 15 years of dedicating my business to philanthropic work

Cost: Nothing to me but have raised millions for charity

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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