Day 324: Schools Back! How to Teach Your Kids to Give
September 1, 2011
326: To Smile is to Give
September 3, 2011
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My inspiration for 365give was to teach kids and have kids learn to give. After 325 days of giving I now know I have done what I set out to do. I have taught my son to give. There is no greater reward than realizing your child has learned positive values from you – especially when it comes to being philanthropic.

Day 325:Give 325      Completed by Nicolas Way – 3 years old

Are You A Successful Parent?

Someone once asked me how I will know I did a good job raising my children when they are grown. My answer came easily. I will know I was a successful parent if my child is kind, loving, lives life out loud, follows his dreams and gives with all his heart. Today he made me realize that I am doing my job. He has already become thoughtful, sharing, kind, considerate to others and giving. Not bad for almost 4!


(If my son could write I would make him tell his own story of giving but today I will help him along.)

A Little Help from a Friendly Neighbourhood Police Officer

I have always encouraged my son to stop and talk to police officers and wave as they drive by in their  fancy cars. I wanted him to know he could always go to a police officer for help any time, any where. Today we bumped into an officer in our neighbourhood as he was getting ready to leave in his car. He asked Nicolas if he would like a “police sticker” in which my son nodded his head enthusiastically. He noticed the officer had a whole bag of stickers and tatoos in his car.  He then asked the police officer if he could have enough stickers for his whole playcare group. He was heading to his last day before school started and he wanted to bring a gift for everyone. The police officer was kind enough to oblige my son and gave him enough for everyone.

Before heading to his final day of “play care” he made sure I had the bag full of gifts for everyone in his class. He did not save even one for himself, he gave them all out at class later that morning.

“Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.” H. Keller

My son didn’t feed the homeless or rescue a stray dog but what he did do is start giving with others in mind. He Learned how good giving feels. How giving makes others happy and in turn makes you feel happy.

Congratulations Nicolas for starting your own personal giving journey!

How are you teaching your children to give?
How are we installing the values of giving rather than more than they ever need?

This is the generation that has the ability to change the world. Will you be part of helping this generation learn?

Time Commitment: 15 minutes

Cost: 0 A great Give by the Police officer

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.


  1. What an exciting initiative!

    Yes, you are doing a good job as a parent if you have managed to teach your son to give. I believe that in the egocentric world we live in, this is a quality that only a few will develop. With news like this one: I get more and more positive that good and sensible deeds are already only in books, and well… who reads books nowadays?

    We have to join forces and work together for a better world.
    I am glad I found you!

    • jacqueline says:

      Thank you so much for this comment Sonya. So glad we have found each other. Seems we have a lot in common on our sites – making the world a better place than when we started. I completely agree our kids have to much of everything these days and we forget to teach them the simplest things like “giving”. Let me know if you have a post you would like to share with 365give. Always happy to have guest writers.

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