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Day 341: Where to Recycle a Battery?
September 18, 2011
Lighting up the Dark Corners of Our World - 365give
Day 343: Discover How Garbage is Lighting up the Dark Corners of Our World
September 20, 2011
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Day 342: 1 Daily Give + 1 AOK = Twice the Giving Impact

Twice the Giving Impact - 365give
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I have discovered a way to increase twice the giving impact of 1 daily give. I fell like it is a 2 for 1 give.
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Day 341: Give 342

My give of the day today was a simple one. My son and I were out walking when we came across some garbage at our local school grounds – 3 pop cans specifically. My son at the age of 4 already knows that we can recycle cans rather than throwing them in the regular garbage. Not only can we recycle them but we have a special bin at home for items that can be returned to our local bottle depot for cash.

At the very beginning of 365give we started saving all the money we received from the bottle depot for recycling bottles, juice boxes and cans. Today date we have well over $50.00 we plan to donate at the end of the 365give daily giving journey.

I also discovered a way to double my daily giving impact. I joined AOK.

“AOK is a “social game for good,” recognizing and inspiring a new kind of kind, where players share, and become aware of, Acts and Observations of Kindness (or, “AOKs”).

I download the AOK App onto my iphone, made a quick comment on my daily give and AOK instantly calculated into Cause Currency. Today I earned 80 points. 1 cent for every point. This month over 10,000 points have been accumulated by all the members of AOK. A donation is made to the chosen charity focus of the month.

September will benefit students in Allen Saute’s middle school classes in Newbury Park, California!

“Through Adopt-a-Classroom, AOK will sponsor these eco-minded youngsters as they grow native plants in their school nursery, contribute to the National Phenology Network’s database on climate change, and design their own games for good., educating others about environmental issues affecting their community, and the world!”

Sign up for AOK and double your impact every time you give. Every act of kindness has an impact and every dollar donated has an impact.

Time Commitment: 5 minutes for both Gives

Cost: 0

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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