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January 3, 2011
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January 5, 2011
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Day 97: Parenthood

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Before I became a Mom I used to work somewhere between 60 – 100 hours a week on my event production business. There were times I thought I had the hardest job in the world. Managing my own small business always included long gruelling hours, challenging clients, knowing how to do everything including accounting to being a creative artist, marketing specialist and a business guru.

Then I became a Mom. Just in case you haven’t experienced this, being a full time Mom is one of the toughest job you can ever have. 100 hours a week is nothing when you compare it to 24 hours a day every day, ( and on call at night!)

You are a teacher, pediatric nurse & doctor, psychotherapist, party planner, chauffeur, tutor, gourmet chef, hairdresser and negotiator. This list  can go on and on. It’s the role of a life time that, no matter what your friends and family say to you before you become a parent,  you can never be prepared enough.  There is no book or manual that truly helps you understand the minute by minute nuances of your own child. Each child is unique and different from any other and just when you think you have it all down to a science, your child changes all the rules and it’s different all over again.

Now I am blessed, I have  a very supportive husband and he is happy to parent with me when he is not working a 60 hour work week. I often think of Mothers that have to parent on their own and how hard it must be to get through the days without feeling like they are going to snap at times.

Today’s GIVE was inspired by a single Mom that needs a little help right now. I may not be able to give her an extra set of hands every day but I can do something, anything to help.

Day 97: GIVE 97

I am fast approaching 100 days of giving and realize I am attracted to certain types of GIVES. Helping the environment, supporting children in countries with extreme poverty and giving to single Mom’s  here in Vancouver. There isn’t a large city in the world without single mothers who are in need of help. If you don’t have a job with benefits when your child is born ( I didn’t) who is going to pay for you to stay home to take care of your baby? How do you get by on unemployment insurance from the government when you have to pay big city rent prices, food, diapers, clothing ? There is no possibility even of hiring a babysitter for a little time to yourself.

This is where an organizations like Spectrum comes in. Spectrum helps single mom’s that need a little extra help in all aspects of parenting. Many of things we all take for granted.

Pre and post partum doula
Phone support

The founder of this organization Sally Livingstone is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met. She is a foster mom of special needs babies, adoptive mother, she teaches part time at the local University and now she runs a not for profit organization.  I may have committed to 365give every day but Sally gives and gives and gives nonstop, 24 hours a day every day of every year ! As my Mother put it today – some people are just angels on earth. Sally would be one of those angels.

I do my best to help Sally in any way I can. She knows that all she has to do is email me with a list of needs for a Mom in her care and I will “call in the troops” as I like to call it, and email the request goes out to my ‘mom’ friends. Someone always has clothes, toys and other baby gear they are happy to pass on to someone who really needs it rather than having yet another garage sale.

So today I dropped by Sally’s house with a few bags of infant clothing (passed on by one of my dear friends) along with a pack of diapers, so she can pass them onto the Mom that needs a little help. It’s not going to change or fix this Mom’s problems, but I hope she knows that someone cares and is willing to do what they can to help.

Do you have any extra clothing or a little time to help other mothers in need?

Time Commitment: 20 minutes:

Cost: $15.00

Jacqueline Way
Jacqueline Way
My dream is to inspire people around the world – young and old – to make a better, happier world for everyone. As a family we have come to learn through our own daily giving practice that if we all do one small thing to give every day – together we will be the change the world needs.

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