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Families Will Love These Reverse Advent Calendar Ideas

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Reverse Advent Calendar Ideas? What is this? ‘Tis the season of advent calendars, where each day you are rewarded with a small treat for each day of December. However, there is another version of advent calendars that will guarantee to make this season brighter and happier. A reverse advent calendar is a wonderful way to spread the love of giving by giving a little each day.

With 24 days before Christmas, you can use each day to give back to the community, your family and even the environment. Here are just a few suggestions of daily gives you can do for each day of your reverse advent calendar.

Giving Idea #1 – Giving To The Environment – Planet Gives

In light of Christmas shopping, one way you can be giving back is by supporting businesses promoting sustainable solutions and creating sustainable products. This is a wonderful way to support businesses working to ensure we have a sustainable future that continues to serve and respect the environment while also spreading the spirit of giving with your loved ones this season.

Another way you can give back to the environment is by showing your support for local and international environmental organisations by signing online petitions that serve to protect our environment. Change.org is a wonderful source for environmental petitions and I strongly encourage you to consider reading and signing these online petitions to rally for environmental change. Feel free to click here to have a look at the various environmental petitions online right now.

For a full calendar of giving ideas that focus on the environment, download the 365give Reverse Advent Calendar full of  Planet Gives.

Giving Idea #2 – Giving To Animals – Animal Gives

Find your local animal shelter and find out if they need any donations – at times shelters may need extra used clothing or blankets to take care of the animals in their shelter during the winter.

Offer to take care of your neighbour or friend’s pet over the holiday break, this a wonderful way to help a fellow friend or neighbour but this will also help their pet to feel comforted and taken care of while their owners are away, giving both parties a better peace of mind.

Support animal shelters by donating your extra pocket money to continue their operations of taking care of the animals while they await adoption.

This is for those who are considering getting a pet this season, but why not adopt a pet? There are wonderful dogs in shelters waiting for the right owner to show up. If you are considering getting a pet this winter, why not adopt and give a lovable pet a warm and loving home this year.

For a full calendar of giving ideas that focus on animals, download the 365give Reverse Advent Calendar full of Animal Gives.

Giving Idea #3 – For Your Community – People Gives

Go through your household to gather unused clothing and toys and donate it to your local thrift store.

Offer to donate blood – blood donations are an important part of everyday medical practices. So, this year, I encourage you to consider donating blood if you have never done so before, this is a wonderful gift you could give to someone in great need of it.

Write happy holiday cards to give to your fellow postman, bus driver – public service workers work hard during this season, so share the gratitude for their work and service by writing a little thank you card and wishing them a happy holiday.

For a full calendar of giving ideas that focus on people, download the 365give Reverse Advent Calendar full of People Gives.

Giving Idea #4 – Giving To Your Family – People Gives

Tidy up your room before your parents ask you to.

Help with the dishes after dinner.

Offer to take out trash and recycling the day before collection days.

For a full calendar of giving ideas that focus on people, download the 365give Reverse Advent Calendar full of People Gives.

Make This December A Season All About Giving

As we approach the end of the year, take this opportunity to give back to your community not just for the advent season but for the rest of the year. If you would like to find more ways you can give back and spread joy to the people around you (and to yourself as well!) check out 365give for more ideas on giving and spreading love and kindness.




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Nichole Goh
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