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Five Creative Planet Gives You Can Do At Work

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These creative planet gives can be done at work! We love giving and one of the best ways to give back is to give back to your planet! There are so many great steps to take that can truly benefit the environment. Even in a workplace, colleagues can band together to create the most creative ideas to give back to the planet. There are many easy ways to go green at your everyday work environment.

Carpool With Colleagues

The best way to help the environment is to put less pollution into the air. If colleagues who live near each other can find a way to carpool a few times a week, it could definitely make a difference. It can be a lot of fun to start the morning talking to your colleagues as well.

Create A Compost

A great way for workplaces to go green is to create a compost. instead of putting organic matter in the waste bin, putting it in a compost ensures that organic food will be recycled. It’ll reduce waste and improve the reuse of resources.

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

It goes without saying – recycling is incredibly important! Ensuring that a workplace has a designated recycling bin is essential. Making sure that each employee knows where the recycling bin is and remembers to put recycling items into it is critical. Here’s a tip – print out easy signs guiding individuals to recycling bins!

Reduce The Use of Plastic

Many workplaces host events and team meetings with plastic plates, cups, and cutlery. They may also have plastic plates and cutlery within their kitchens for everyday use. By switching over to paper plates and cutlery, workplaces can reduce the amount of plastic going into the oceans and use items that are recyclable. Encouraging staff to bring their own cutlery, plastic water bottles, and containers rather than using plastic ones in the workplace can also help reduce plastic use.

Go Digital

With recent technological tools, it has become much easier for individuals to do their work and connect with their colleagues digitally. Trying to do the majority of work activities digitally can help reduce the use of paper and even supplies that aren’t able to be recycled. Going digital is one of the biggest steps in going green at a workplace. It has become a popular option and has worked for many individuals.

Going green in the workplace with these creative planet gives is a great way to give back to the planet. There are so many great ways to improve the environment and when everyone works together, they can truly make a difference. Check out these other planet gives that can be done at work, at home or in our community schools!


Tanya Vanpraseuth
Tanya Vanpraseuth
My name is Tanya and I live in British Columbia, Canada. I currently work in the financial industry as a Marketing Coordinator and enjoy using my skills in that area to help non-profits. Giving back to my community has always been a priority of mine and I am excited to be a part of 365give. I look forward to supporting the organization's mission of encouraging positivity and community service. I am especially excited to begin writing for 365give's blog and help inspire others to do good.

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