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Five Gives for the Educators in Your Life

Gives for the Educators in Your Life - 365give
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While healthcare workers need gives from us, we also need to look at gives for the educators in your life. While our classrooms may be empty, learning has not stopped. The educators in our lives are working hard to make virtual learning the new normal. Covid-19 has forced all classes to go online, which is a challenge for both teachers and students. Recognizing this new way of learning and teaching, and understanding that it is challenging, is important for all of us. Here are some ideas to show some love for the educators and support staff working to keep the education system moving forward during Covid-19.

Send E-cards To Your Educator

There are many free e-card apps and websites that you can use to create a custom card for the educator in your life. It can be for something specific like a thank you for a personal online meeting, or it could just be a funny, cheerful or thoughtful note to say thanks. The important thing is to stay connected and to let them know you are thinking of them.

Send Photos To Teachers Of Kids Working Hard At Home Schools

If your kids are doing projects or activities at home, take a photo and have them send it to their teacher. The teachers can share it with the class to keep everyone connected or just enjoy the fact that their students are learning in this new environment. For older students, the photos may be saved for a yearbook, a newsletter or just for the teacher to enjoy a break in their day. Students can also do their own artwork to share to show their creativity and their individual thanks.

Send Your Educator an Email From Your Kids

If your kids are able, it would be a nice sentiment to email their teacher directly and say thank you. Thanks for helping, thanks for extra support, or thanks for making the online classes work are all worthy of gratitude. Whatever the message, something positive always lifts up our spirits.

Start A Video Challenges

Your kids can put out challenges to their classmates and their teachers to add a new dimension of fun to the online classroom. Whether it’s an active challenge, a reading challenge, or a dance/video challenge, all kids can enjoy the camaraderie and the teachers will enjoy watching the results. Of course, the teachers are welcome to join in as well.

Post Encouraging Signs At Your School

If you live close to your kid’s school, you can make signs to post on the school fence, the entrance way or your classroom window. Rainbows, cheery messages, or other pictures and words of inspiration can be a welcome addition to the deserted school if any of the educators are going to visiting. You can also do chalk murals or drawings on the sidewalk or by the front door to greet anyone who is going to the school.

This Is Our New Educational Reality Today

Covid-19 has changed the way we live, at least for now. And the new reality is that our kids will be learning from home for at least a little while. The educators have had to change their entire way of teaching to make it accessible for everyone. Let’s thank them and keep everyone motivated and happy to keep learning, using all different platforms and strategies.

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Tammy Lawrence
Tammy Lawrence
Tammy is on our Board of Directors at 365give and is a valued contributor to our blog. She spent years in non-profit work advocating for girls and women in sport and physical activity and then moved on to fundraising for Big Sisters. She currently works from home as a freelance writer while raising her kids. Always passionate about children and youth and giving back to the community, Tammy found a perfect fit with 365give. “I love being part of a global movement that is creating a society where people feel good about themselves through giving back. 365give has the potential to change the world and create the future we all want to see.”

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