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Food Gives That Will Leave You Feeling Full

Food Gives
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“Food is the ingredient that binds us together.” – Anonymous

Ready for some fun food gives for your daily giving ideas? Food holds a special place in all of our hearts (our stomachs especially!). It’s happy, it’s creative, and it’s mouth-watering delicious. If a friend has ever surprised you with snacks, you’ll know the feeling well. It gets you jumping for joy, dancing around, and smiling nonstop. That’s why a food give is so powerful. You don’t need to buy a fancy dinner for a dozen friends to make it work. Just a small food give can make someone’s day so, so much better. And in turn, you’ll feel like a superstar. We’re serious! It’s not just hot coffee and tea that will leave you feeling warm on the inside. Even if it’s something as small and cheap as a lemon drop, it will make the biggest, most significant difference.

Here are some food give ideas that will improve your loved ones’ day and help you feel happier:

Take Out Mom or Dad to a Special One-on-One Lunch

Every once in a while, a special lunch with loved ones can do wonders. Plan the lunch date in advance and make sure to follow through. Some of the deepest, most touching conversations happen while eating with one another. Lunch with mom or dad is no different. Food brings people together and can strengthen the already strong bonds between friends and family. It’s a chance to remind your parents that you love them—that they still mean the world to you.

Treat Your Friend to a Piping-Hot Cup of Tea or Coffee

One of the quickest ways to someone’s heart is through a hot beverage—double the effect if it’s on a cold, rainy day. Since so many people speak the universal language of coffee and tea, you can almost never go wrong with this food give. It is sure to give the recipient both a shock of happiness and of energy. They’ll be sure to enjoy it (even more if it’s Starbucks!) and thank you exceedingly. You’ll both be feeling warm on the inside—although from two different sources!

Buy a Meal for the Homeless For Your Food Gives

On your way to the office or school, buy a hot meal for the homeless man or woman that always sits in that one dusty corner. A hot meal is like a shower or a haircut. A full stomach will leave them feeling and thinking like a completely different person. It’s only when they stop worrying about making ends meet that they can finally start putting some thought into their next steps. After all, it’s impossible to think properly on an empty stomach! Knowing that you have done a good deed will leave you feeling fuzzy on the inside and itching to do more good.

Help Out at the Local Food Bank For Your Food Gives

Sign up to become a volunteer at your local food bank to activate this amazing food give.  Speaking from personal experience, the feeling you receive from helping out disadvantaged families is out of this world. Every time you put on gloves an apron before handling food items, the magic starts working in the air. The families show such gratitude to you that you can’t help but feel happy. Volunteering at the food bank is not only a way to serve the community but also a way to serve yourself—something that increases your personal happiness levels.

Food Gives - 365give

Simply put, food is amazing—not just because it’s so delicious. It’s a shared culture that transcends language barriers and all that complicated buzz. Our collective love of food builds the strongest of bonds and can lift the saddest people out of depression.

So go and take mom or dad on a lunch date or volunteer at the food bank. You’re making the world a happier place and at the same time, satisfying your own appetite for happiness.

Go read our blog post – Coffee Gives That Make You Happy – Pass It Forward – for more ideas on how you can use food gives to the fullest!

James Jiang
James Jiang
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