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January 7, 2021
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Get Outside With These Planet Gives

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Ready for some planet gives that get you outside and help our planet? Global warming has been an increasing cause of concern and recent studies have shown the need for us to act fast and act now. Planet gives play a huge part not only in cleaning up the air but also helping the inhabitants of earth with some everlasting benefits. If  you city allows outdoor activities at the moment, get outside and start giving with these planet give suggests.

These are some of the planet gives that you can do to help our Planet Earth and our own state of happiness!

Join a Tree Plantation Drive For Your Planet Give

Few years back, I was associated with a non-profit organization which conducted tree plantation drives. A few of us would meet at a designated park and plant trees every weekend. It was such a great feeling to witness the young saplings grow into big trees in a few years’ time. There are lot of regional and community tree planting programs that you can join as a part of your plant give. If you are concerned about social distancing, why not donate to organizations that plant trees for us!

Planet Give – Start a Terrace Garden

One of my friends in India recently started a vegetable terrace garden in her house. She planted greens, vegetables, and herbs. In her opinion, it was one of the most rewarding experience of her life as it was economical as well as environmentally friendly. It reduced the overall heat absorption of the buildings and insulated the building against heat and cold.

Support A Backyard Garden Program For Your Planet Give

If you have some space in your backyard, it’s a good idea to start a small patch of vegetable garden. The Community Backyard Programs support the residents with seeds and plants. You can involve your family in the day to day activities needed to take care of the trees. Many people who don’t have a backyard, use the front-yard space to support this planet give idea. If you have extra vegetables from your garden, why not share with others as part of your planet give.

Planet Gives to Friends and Family Makes Them Smile

Gifting a potted plant is a great way of sharing the love of plants which will be enjoyed for many years to come. There are many opportunities to gift a plant. Whether you are visiting a sick friend or a relative, celebrating birthdays or Mother’s Day, bringing joy during a festival visit, gifting a house warming present, a plant gift is a great planet give and will always be considered as a special gift.

Include Planet Gives in School Curriculum

Children love anything that is a part of nature. Some schools have great programs where students plant trees in their school ground or in and around the city. The school can emphasize the need for tree planting and how it impacts our planet positively. Starting at a young age, will shape them to be a more responsible adult towards the environment.

Indoor Planet Gives To Increase Happiness

Keeping plants inside your home is a great way to be close to nature and purify indoor air.  Greenery uplifts the mood and makes us feel calm and relaxed. Keep low maintenance plants that adds color and positivity to your surrounding.

Create Planters with Old Plastic Bottles

Reuse old plastic bottles by cutting an opening and filling it with mud and a plant. Decorate it by hanging it on the fence or a wall. This is a quick and easy way to get the best from the waste. Involve children to do these in craft sessions and you will have a plant enthusiast in making.

There are no limits to imagination and creation when it comes to planet gives. So get outside for more planet gives and help Mother Earth reap the benefits for generations to come. Let us know how you have created your oasis.

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Priya Prabhakaran
Priya Prabhakaran
Priya is an IT and Technical writer who truly values the volunteer opportunities that helped her grow as a person. She has been fortunate to volunteer on a city hospital Fundraising committee and various food drives. Priya is passionate about community, inspiring others, and believes kindness and acceptance make relationships better. She finds 365give a perfect opportunity to globally make a difference. If not writing or volunteering, you can find her watching thriller series, cooking spicy Indian food, and spending time with her family.

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