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August 27, 2021
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Give Back and Be Kind for Better Mental Health

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Did you know that when we give back we are positively affecting our mental health. There many steps one can take to improve and prioritize one’s mental health. Getting enough sleep, eating well and meditating are just a few steps one can take to improve their mental health. However, there is another thing you could do to get you into a more positive mindset and space, that’s giving back!

Give Back To Family And Friends

One way that could help you improve your mental health is by focusing on the people around you. When life gets tough, it is always comforting knowing that there is someone else out there who cares and thinks about you. So, even if you are feeling down and low, reaching out to someone else and checking in with them will not only help the other person feel loved but will also help you realize that you can make a positive impact on those around you.

Another way you could give back is through small simple actions. For example, if you’re meeting up with a colleague or friend, pick up an extra cup of coffee for them. You could also help your mum or dad around the house or cleaning up your room before they tell you too. These small actions can go a long way to showing you care about them and are thinking of them. Giving does not necessarily have to be big grand gestures but there are many things you could do in your day-to-day to give back to those around you.

Give Back To Our Global Community

However, there are wonderful ways you could give back to the global community especially during such confusing times. Kiva (https://www.kiva.org/) is a non-profit organization that works to support people around the world who are not able to receive financial aid. Participating in Kiva allows you to give money under a loan basis to students or small business owners, in which they will repay you back the loan once they are able to successfully establish their business plan. This is a sustainable approach to philanthropy that works to support the futures of people in need by investing in their business plans and education.

Give Back To Ourselves

While it is great to give back and extend the kindness and generosity unto others, it is also important to show this kindness unto ourselves. It is very easy for us to get caught up in the idea that we need to always be busy in order to lift ourselves out of this mindset. However, it is important to recognize the importance of understanding ourselves and what we need. If we need rest, we should rest; if we need a social media break, take a social media break. As important as it is to listen and be there for others, we should also listen and be there for ourselves. If we need some happiness, give!

Give Back For Better Mental Health

Being kind to those around you and most importantly to yourself can help to improve your mental wellbeing. If you would like to find more ways you can give back and spread joy to those around you (and to yourself as well!) check out 365give  for more giving ideas.


Nichole Goh
Nichole Goh
I am currently pursuing an Honours undergraduate degree in Sociology that nurtures my passion for mental health and mental health advocacy. Aside from school and volunteering, I have a love for desserts, films and music of various genres and eras. I hope to be able to continue working to give back to others and reaching out to those who might too afraid to ask for help.

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